by Davy Stone
OK, I'll admit it... I'm a big fan of the blue-skinned aliens of Trek.  And in the Next Generation universe, it seems that the Bolians have taken over the blue role from the Andorians.

My Bolian began as a Necessary Evil Odo, primarily for two reasons -- his head didn't require much modification to make it bald, and his outfit was very non-descript, non-Starfleet.  I don't really want to fill my custom ranks with Starfleet officers -- I want them to have more style than that.  And also, because of my background in intercultural studies, I'm really more interested in what the actual alien race would wear. 

The only modifications I made to his outfit was trimming down the collar so I could see more of his neck.  Later on I had to sand the paint off his hands (don't ask), and I accidentally rubbed a bit of color off his sleeves.  But I thought the effect looked pretty nice and gave it just a touch of something different, so I finished sanding it all the way around each hand.

After sanding down his head and filling up the lines with coutour putty, I sculpted his ears and ridge with it as well.  After painting him blue, I was horrified to find that it looked like... well, Odo as a Bolian.  So I began making modifications to Odo's face, trying to make it less Odo-like.  Whether or not I succeeded is something I still can't decide.  I suppose he might look less like Odo if I were to completely repaint his outfit, but I liked its colors against his newly blue skin.

The final addition, his purple vest, came from a Hercules Ioleus figure, something I saw an Andorian wearing over at Ian's Star Trek Memories.  The vest's colors worked wonderfully with Odo's outfit, so I've now decided that I'm not going to repaint him.  His overall color scheme just works so well for me that I don't see the point.

Parts Used:
Base figure: ST Odo from Necessary Evil
Vest: Hercules Ioleus
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Featured at
Custom Toy Fair 1999