by Davy Stone
I made the figure for two reasons -- to create another superhero who is larger than average (FYI: Rampage has the power to turn orange and grow up to 10' in height), and to get rid of all those super large She-Hulk figures lying around.

First, I removed She-Hulk's hair, and then I built an armature out of large paperclips for her new do.  Over this armature I used sculpey to build up her mohawk and rat-tail.  I also used sculpey to create the mechanical restraining collar she wears around  her neck to keep her powers in check.

After baking the sculpey with a lighter (not recommended, because I burned off her nose!), I glued rubber bands around the edges of her costume.  Then I painted the figure with acrylics and drew scales on her outfit with an ink pen.  Even though Rampage is usually shown in bare feet, I decided to leave She-Hulk's boots because I didn't feel like changing them.  However I did add a rubber band cuff on her boots for consistancy with her outfit.

A while after completing this project, I found the absolutely most perfect base figure for Rampage -- the mohawk-version of the Savage She-Dragon.  But since my local comic shop has her priced at $35, I won't be using her for custom fodder anytime soon.

Parts Used:
Base figure: She-Hulk
Hair and collar: Paper clip armature and Sculpey
Costume details: Rubber bands
Links in this table will connect you to customs made from other parts of same figure.

Featured at
Custom Toy Fair 1999
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