by Davy Stone
Jesse Quick is a custom I've wanted to make for some time.  It started when I found what I considered an ideal base figure -- Power Slammer Rogue.  I considered this a great base because it highly resembles one of Jesse's old costumes.  Jesse is one of those characters who has had multiple costumes, and not all of them have been good.  So far I've liked none as much as this combination (in fact, the most recent Q-boob costume exemplifies all that is bad about comic book superhero costumes in general).  

To start the transformation from Rogue to Jesse, I cut down the figure's few extra protrusions (including large wrist guards, strange elbow guards, and these things that can only be described as "bumpers" on her hips and shoulders) using an exacto knife and a dremel.  I also trimmed her flyaway hair just a bit, removing one or two of the strands with an exacto knife.  

Next, I sculpted the jacket sleeves using the Marvel vs. Street Fighter Rogue as a guide.  Yeah, I could have just done an arm swap, but the two Rogues looked sufficiently different enough in scale for me to not want to bother.  For those wanting less sanding and dremelling, the Street Fighter Rogue would make a very suitable substitute base if given a head (or at least hair) swap.  

After curing my sculpey jacket sleeves in boiling water, I glued on a few rubber bands to act as the cuffs of her gloves.  Then I used plumber's putty to build up Jesse's biker shorts and boots.  The Rogue figure had textured ridges along the sides of her thighs, and I left those pretty much intact.  I thought they gave her biker shorts a bit more dimension than they have in the comics.  Of course, they didn't end exactly where I needed them to, so when creating the biker shorts I adjusted the ridges somewhat.

Finally, I began to paint the figure.  Why do so many figures have the yellow and red combination?  I'm beginning to hate painting those two colors. 


Parts Used:
Base figure: Power Slammers Rogue
Jacket: Sculpey (sleeves) and Street Fighter Rogue
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