by Davy Stone
What do you do with possibly the worst Wolverine variant ever?  Well, in the case of the Onslaught Wolverine (which I bought exclusively for the Franklin Richards "accessory"), I customized it into something better! 

First, let me say that this Blue Devil basically represents his pre-Underworld Unleashed self, with one exception -- his size.  Wolvie is huge (Despero size), and so my Blue Devil's size is more akin to his post-UU incarnation.  Eh, but who cares?  DC needs some bigger heroes to balance out those huge villans. 

OK... Let's start.  I had to get rid of a bunch of Wolverine before Blue Devil started shining through.  First, I pulled off that ridiculous forearm hair, and discovered that he had really large plastic "fins" underneath them.  So I started by dremelling them down, and while I was at it, I also dremelled away the "ripped clothing effect."  Ugh.  Then, I smoothed out the bandana Wolvie wore 'round his head.  And finally, I dremelled down the cuffs of Wolverine's boots. 

Next, I cut off the flowing sash in back of Wolvie's head (saving it for a rainy day), and I removed his boney claws.  This proved to be more of a challenge than I'd thought, because removing the claws left a big hole in the top of his hands.  I filled this hole with Model Magic and kept on going. 

Next, I began sculpting his glove and boot cuffs, belt and horns using Sculpey.  For the horns, I drilled two holes and added bent paperclip pieces for armatures.  After sculpting, I cured the sculpey with a lighter and sanded it with various grit sandpaper.  Finally, I primed and painted him with acrylics. 

One note on the paint job:  when creating a figure that is traditionally shown in comic books wearing black, I often use a mix of dark blue and black acrylics so that the color isn't as stark as a flat black, and so I still have some room in the spectrum to create darker shaded areas.  So after painting him with light blue and almost black, I accentuated the shadows by giving him a wash in his muscle cracks -- dark blue on his body, black on his pants. 

Someday soon I plan on crafting a pitchfork for him.  Someday.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Onslaught Wolverine
Horns, cuffs and belt buckle: Super Sculpey
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