by Davy Stone
Borrowing an idea from Joe Acevedo, Captain Atom is made from some Silver Surfer.  I like this Surfer's pose (he squats just as well as any TJ figure), and his size is very close to the rest.   Instead of trying to replace the whole head (and thereby having to match a LOT of shiney silver), I decided to sculpt hair on Ol' Surfer.  That way, I had to use only a small amount of paint, which just isn't as reflective as the rest of him.  My friend Brandon told me that it looks like Christopher Walken's hair, so I figure this is Christopher Walken as Captain Atom. 

I began painting the red parts using Tamaiya clear acrylic paint (which I believe is now discontinued -- correct me if I'm wrong), and ran into a roadblock when I remembered that our clear blue acrylic had dried up.  But after a quick call to Brandon's wife Misty, a trip to Target, and a bottle of fingernail polish later, I had the blue boots looking quite metallic. 

Parts Used:
Base figure: Silver Surfer
Hair: Model Magic
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