by Davy Stone
This base figure wasn't always going to become Azbats.  Originally I'd planned on using it to make an Azrael figure.  While sorting through my TJ/JLA fodder, I found the figure and began looking through reference art to see what needed to be done.  More than I was willing to do at the time, as it turns out.  But while I was looking through the art, I noticed how much this figure looked like the version of Batman when Azrael took over the mantle.  At the time I was looking for a quick repaint, and I realized that I wouldn't be making Azrael anytime soon.  

So after a quick repaint, my Azbats looks much better.  Yeah, it's not exactly on model -- Hasbro actually released the more on-model Knightquest version with the correct colors -- but I actually like it more than the one Hasbro released.   

Parts Used:
Base figure: Knightfall Batman
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