by Davy Stone
Plastic Man was on my drawing board even before he joined the JLA.  He was always my favorite stretch-a-roo -- probably has something to do with that Saturday morning cartoon when I was a kid.  After seeing that everyone else used the Skin figure as a base for their Elongated Man figures, I knew that it would be just as good as a Plastic Man.  I grabbed an exacto knife, and began removing all parts that didn't look like Plastic Man. 

I wasn't sure about the head.  My friend Brandon thought that some Jim Carrey head would be good, but he wasn't sure which one to use.  Then Chip found this Jim Carrey Riddler head in a two-pack with Twoface, and convinced me that it would be perfect.  I'm very glad he convinced me. 

I didn't have to add very much to this figure at all.  I smoothed out the feet with Model Magic, getting rid of the toes.  Then I added that spit-curl with sculpey, while the goggles were made with contour putty. 

His extended neck didn't require anything extra for length -- when I pulled the Riddler head out of his body, the base of the peg that holds it in had the same diameter as Skin's neck, and so I just superglued it on top instead of trying to pop it in the neck hole.  I then used Model Magic to fill in the big gap left in the Riddler's neck.  Finally, after painting with acrylics, I drew the laces on his costume with an ink pen. 

Oh yeah... I left the "stretch-action" on his left hand, mostly because Chip and I feel that action figures should have an action when at all possible.  Skin's action worked for Plas, so it stayed.

Parts Used:
Body: Generation X Skin
Head: B&R Riddler
Feet: Model Magic
Spitcurl: Sculpey
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