by Davy Stone
When I saw the Mission Vision Wonder Woman, with her cape and shield, it was a no-brainer that she'd become Hippolyta.  Just some sculpting on the breastplate to make an eagle out of those W's, and then sculpting a skirt.  I was going to try to use toothpaste tube, but then came to my senses.  The skirt would look much better sculpted, and it's not like the figure has any articulation in the legs worth retaining anyway.

Many of the pictures I have of Hippolyta feature her in an either blue or white cape, but I decided that leaving the cape red looked better.  Painting cape plastic never looks good in the long run, and I'd like this figure to keep that "fresh painted" look for some time.

By the way -- her shield, which was one of the first accessories I'd customized in some time, was a bitch to paint.


Parts Used:
Base figure: Mission Vision Wonder Woman 
Skirt & Breastplate: Kneaditite
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