by Chip Kraus
Wildcat is by far Chip's favorite Golden Age superhero, and his role in the Bat-books only makes him like Ted Grant more.  He was one of the first figures that Chip planned, and is based on a custom by Jameson Combs.  He's actually had him finished for quite a while before I added him to the webpage, but one very obvious paint chip prevented him from making it up on the page until now.

WIldcat was also Chip's first use of MagicSculp.  I don't think he had any trouble with it, and I have no fear at all that Wildcat's ears or cheeks will fall off -- they're attached for life.  This stuff is hard and strong.

The "fog" pictures below were taken using dry ice.

Parts Used:
Base figure: CaptureNet Superman
Ears and mask's cheeks: MagicSculp
Links in this table will connect you to customs made from other parts of same figure.

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