by Chip Kraus and Jason McCullough
We tried to get one of our friends into the customizing hobby with this figure, especially since the Steel appearance on the Superman cartoon is one of his favorite.  But sadly, after doing the head swap, some dremmeling and just starting with the sculpey, he just lost interest.

Chip finished up the project for him.  He had to resculpt the shoulder pads because the old sculpey-ed ones had been left out uncured too long and had become brittle.  Chip also sculpted the boots.  He then sprayed the entire figure with a nice metallic spray paint.  Once dry, he brushed a lighter silver onto the lighter details of the costume.

He decided to forgo some of the details (the left wristband, some lines on the chest) in favor of having an easier custom.  Maybe they'll get finished some other time -- maybe they won't.  I'm guessing not, since we both seem to be just as happy with him without those details.


Parts Used:
Base figure: S:TAS Brainiac
Head: S:MOS Steel
Shoulder pads, boots, and whatnot: Sculpey
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