by Davy Stone
Slo-bo is another figure I'd planned when I dropped off the customizing Earth last year.  He's gone through both a beefy and a skinny incarnation, and this custom sorta blends both into one body. 

I began by dremelling down his sleeves, gloves, boots and chest.  Then I began sculpting.  I wanted to try out two sculpting media which are new to me -- Milliput and Kneaditite.  I first sculpted his hair from Kneaditite, and although it wasn't as firm and sculptable as I'd hoped, it did what I needed.  Next I tried to make his vest from Milliput, but it was either too sticky or too muddy (from the water I was using to make it less sticky) to be able to sculpt much with it. I was, however, able to sculpt part of his boots, his kneepads and smooth down his "panties" some with the Milliput. 

Next I glued on rubber bands to make his glove cuffs and boot straps.  After that, he was painted using water-based acrylic craft paint.  Finally, I added a removable vest from a Street Fighter Rogue.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Crime Fighter Robin
Jacket: Street Fighter Rogue
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