by Davy Stone & Chip Kraus
Ever since we knew we were making the whole Young Justice team, we knew we'd be making a Secret.  It was quite a while ago that I realized that Robin's cape could easily be modified into the back half of Secret's jacket tails.  All I needed to finish the custom was an incentive, which I found with the CustomCon 2000.

Robin's cape had to be trimmed slightly, and then after it was glued to her, Chip filled the gaps with Plumber's Putty and smoothed it into her jacket.  He also used the plumber's putty to create the front of her jacket.

Finally, she was painted with acrylic paints. I had enough Young Justice figures completed just before the Con that all I had to do was make Secret and Arrowette, finish Lagoon Boy (who had just been started) and make a cape for Captain Marvel Jr. (who had just been finished).

Parts Used:
Base figure: Crime Fighter Robin
Hair: AoA Jean Grey
Coat tails: Robin's cape
Links in this table will connect you to customs made from other parts of same figure.

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