by Davy Stone (with Chip Kraus)
Raven is a personal favorite of mine.  I'd known from the moment I first saw the Paris Elegance Anastasia that she had some potential as Raven.  She had the gloves, she had a very similar flowing blue dress.  The biggest obstacle seemed to be that she had a full dress while Raven had splits up both sides, showing off her legs.  I wasn't sure how I'd handle this problem until I noticed that the dress portion of the figure was quite flexible.  It's made of the softer plastic and seemed to be hollow.  I started planning how to transform Anastasia right then.

It didn't take long after that.  Using a white-out pen I drew rough lines where I thought the folds of her dress would create a natural looking split.  Then, using an exacto knife I sliced through my lines.  There was a plastic plug filling in the bottom of the figure, but once I pried that off it was very easy to trim the dress down to look like I wanted it to.

I chose Dazzler's non-animated leg for Raven because I didn't want to waste one of my animated females legs on a project where it would be mostly hidden by a skirt, and because Dazzler's was posed nicely to fit the spot I wanted.  In fact, her foot was posed such that I could easily give her the high heel that Raven wears.  I cut Dazzler's leg just below the knee because the figures knee joint would have looked to big, bulky and awkward.  Instead, I inserted a paperclip into the top of the leg and sculpted the upper half using Sculpey.  For the heel, I inserted a paperclip where the heel should be, and then I blended the top into the shoe using plumber's putty.

Even though the leg proved easy to do, I decided against giving Raven both of her skirt splits.  It would be more on-model I suppose but it just didn't seem necessary -- the one split seemed to achieve the effect that I'd wanted.  

For her hair, I simply trimmed off Anastasia's bun, smoothed it down with sculpey and then sculpted the hair I wanted.  

Raven wasn't the happiest of characters during this period of her life (this was before she switched to the white costume), so I didn't want her to have the big grin that Anastasia sported.  So I trimmed down her bottom lip and painted Anastasia's teeth red to mimic a bottom lip.  Then I sanded down where her first lip had been, as well as filled in a few of the small dimples she had around her mouth, dimples which made her look like she was still happy even though her lips weren't turned up.

Then I painted Raven using acrylic craft paints, and I think Chip helped some with the eyes.  Finally, I made Raven's cape from blue cloth, using the one that came with Cloak as a template.  

Parts Used:
Base figure: Paris Elegance Anastasia
Leg: Toybiz Dazzler (below knee) & Sculpey
Spiked Heel: Paperclip and Plumber's Putty
Hair:  Sculpey
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