by Davy Stone
I'm pretty proud of this custom, which is based on one by the former BeetleJLA.  I sculpted every detail into his helmet, which still retains articulation between the helmet and the neck.  Scupting in all those details -- raised ridges around the eyes and around the tube-intake-holes, and the indented bilateral groove running up the front and down the back of the helmet -- and maintaining the articulation wasn't easy, but I definitely think it was worth it. 

He was painted a variety of colors.  His body is a mix of blue, purple and black, and it has a nice mottled effect which almost mimicks Aquaman's temporary blue costume.  His eyepieces were painted with clear red acrylic to give them a glassy look.  They really pop out at you.

He could probably use one more coat of paint, but since I've already been playing with him (setting him up in dioramas), I've decided to go ahead and put him on the web.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Nightwing
Head, helmet details and neck: Sculpey
Oxygen tank: Model Magic
Hoses: Ninja Deathbird accessory
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