by Davy Stone
Once I realized that I was on my way to customzing the Legion of Doom, I decided that I wasn't happy with the version of Luthor that Kenner had released.  He wasn't really the Luthor from the cartoon, and while his armor resembled that of the old pre-crisis Luthor, it wasn't quite right, either.  So I customized.

This was little more than a repaint.  I think the only other work I did was to cut out the faceplace on the mask.  I know a lot of people don't like this version of Luthor.  And I agree that the Luthor-in-a-suit is a MUCH BETTER villian for Superman.  But there's something about this outfit that I like, and I think it fits the Legion of Doom better than a suited Luthor would.  After all, the suited Luthor would NEVER join a team such as the Legion of Doom, but this guy definitely would.

Parts Used:
Base figure: S:TAS Luthor
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