by Davy Stone and Chip Kraus
Lilith was one of the Teen Titans back in the day, and her long hair and penchant for mini-skirts meant that a Supergirl figure would be an ideal base.

To start with I used an exacto knife to remove a few details from the Supergirl figure.  Then for about a minute I thought about just doing her as a simple repaint, but her hairline kept bothering me.  Supergirl's bangs are a far cry from Lilith's part.  So I performed surgery on my Supergirl, carving a forehead from Supergirl's bangs.  Then I started sculpting a new hairline for Lilith.  Chip helped greatly in this task.  Once I was pleased with her new hair, I used more Kneadatite to sculpt a collar for her and to smooth out her upper arms.  Then I set her aside to cure overnight.

The next day I sanded her hair, collar and arms smooth before gluing on a rubber band to serve as a belt.  Then I began the task of painting her, using the usual standard acrylic craft paints.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Supergirl
Hair: Kneadatite
Belt: Rubber band
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