by Davy Stone
Hawkman is a favorite character of mine from way back in the Super Friends days.  I remember in the fourth grade my mom helped me make Hawkman wings out of posterboard and construction paper (thanks Mom!).   So I've been planning on making this figure for some time using various different bases, but it never got off the drawing board for one reason or another.  Fortunately, things finally came together for this figure, the most important being a set of Hawkgirl wings which were donated to me (thanks Casimir!).

The first thing I did was to switch the Martian Manhunter's legs for Batman's using the boil-n-pop method.  The two sets of legs weren't completely compatible, so putting the Batman legs back on the MM torso wasn't exactly easy.  I finally got them on, but they're so tight that they won't bend at all (which is okay, I suppose, since his wings won't let him sit down anyway).

I debated a bit about whether or not to use the Hawkman head.  I don't particularly like to use parts from the figures I'm trying to make, but convenience won out in the end.  Well, it wasn't that convenient, since the MM's head included a neck, while the Hawkman head didn't.  So I carefully cut off the Martian Manhunter's head just where the head meets the neck.  Next I glued a thumbtack onto the Hawkman head and pushed it down into the MM neck. 

Next I used Kneaditite to fill in the holes left from where the MM's cape attached to his shoulders; I also used it to complete the straps which cross over his chest.  Another thumbtack was pushed into his chest where the straps meet to form his Hawk emblem.  Then he was ready for painting.  I chose to go with a color scheme which matched Mattel's Hawkgirl.

Hawkman is taller than several of my animated figures, especially the newer Justice League figures, but he fits in pretty well with the older-style Superman, Batman and other customs made from those bases.


Parts Used:
Head: Super Powers Hawkman
Torso & arms: JL Martian Manhunter
Legs: Some silver Batman
Wings: Hawkgirl
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