by Davy Stone
I've had most of the Teen Titans' supporting cast on my to-do list for a while.  The release of the smaller Justice League figures gave me appropriately sized bases for this dynamic duo (see also DOVE). I chose the GL figure for Hawk because I've always pictured him as being a little bit buffer than Dove, who I made from a JL Flash figure.

Using both Kneadatite and Milliput I filled in all the grooves and smoothed out the boot and gauntlets.  Once the figure had cured, I began painting him using regular acrylic craft paints.  

His cape/wings were made from cardboard.  Originally I was gonna use transparency plastic, so I first made a template using cardboard.  But I quickly realized that the template was rugged enough to serve my purposes.   I painted the cape/wings red before gluing them into place.




Parts Used:
Base figure: JL Green Lantern


Folded cardboard
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