by Davy Stone
I bought the whole set of Hunchback figures on clearance one day.  While looking at them, it hit me that Esmerelda looks EXACTLY like Gypsy.  OK, maybe not exactly, but so close that it was a shame not to make her. 

This was just an exercise in re-painting.  I chose to repaint her skin to make her a bit different than Esmerelda.  I also chose to paint a few patches on her skirt (although you can only see one in this pic).  I took the color scheme from a Who's Who entry for the JLA. 

Just about one week before I posted this figure, another customizing listserv-er scooped me with his own Gypsy.

Click here to see Gypsy disappearing.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Esmerelda (from Disney's Hunchback line)
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