by Davy Stone
The General first appeared in Detective Comics, but he soon became a Robin villain due to the similarity of their ages.

The base for my General was an Arctic Blast Robin. I started by dremelling down his chest, gloves, mask and hair. Because Robin's hair is so asymmetrical it took some time to get it even.  Next I started looking at the legs.  Originally I had bought a GI Joe (I think) for the boots for my Star-Spangled Kid customs, but they were too big for her.  So I was gonna cut off the boots for the General when Chip suggested doing a full leg swap.  Would it work?  

A quick boil-n-pop and the General had a wonderful set of legs (well, wonderful if you like desert camoflage and combat boots).  The peg mechanisms were slightly different but extremely compatible.   After the figure cooled down the legs fit very well.

The next step was to sculpt his shirt.  I decided to use Kneadatite because I was having trouble with my Milliput the day before.  The kneadatite worked very well (look for a longer article detailing my thoughts on the various sculpting media I've used later on).  After sculpting, I gave him a primer coat of white paint to check for nicks and scratches.  What I discovered was that I'd not removed enough of his mask.  So I kept at it with the exacto knife and a wee bit of Milliput (great for smoothing things over).  After getting his face just right I painted the figure with acrylic craft store paints. 


Parts Used:
Base figure: Crime Fighter Robin
Shirt: Kneadatite
Legs: some GI Joe
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