by Chip Kraus
Wally West (with a more buff Weringo-style look) was created from an Arkham Escape Batman, primarily due to that base figure's "running" stance.  After putting aside Batman's cape for another day, his bat-ears, belt, and gloves were sanded down with a dremel, and later with a fine-grit sandpaper.  Chip wasn't happy with the Flash's nose, so he trimmed it down with an exacto knife. 

Then, after priming with a white acrylic, he was painted with a basecoat of mixed red and silver acrylics.  Over this shiny red color, Chip painted a glaze of clear red Tamaiya acrylic paint (does anyone know if this is still available?   It's pretty cool!).  Over that, he painted the small lightning details using gold paint and a very small brush.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Arkham Escape Batman
Earwings: Cut plastic
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