by Davy Stone and Chip Kraus
I've had the base for this figure for some time, and I'd planned on using some bigger, non-animated wings on her, but fortunately a set of Hawkgirl wings were donated to me (thanks Casimir!), so I just had to get this figure off the ground.

Dawnstar started life as a Pocahontas figure.  Since my Dawnstar was going to be in the animated style, I decided to adapt her costume to a more animated look.  The first change was to give her a solid loincloth and boot cuffs instead of fringe, while omitting the fringe on her arms altogether.  A more anal customizer might would have attempted them, but I think the fringeless look better suits the animated style.  I also chose to keep her neckline from plunging down to her navel for two reasons:  first, because the animated style is a more kid-friendly style, and second, because I didn't want to emphasize the fact that I didn't dremel out separate breasts for her.  That's right, Dawnstar has a uni-boob.

The original figure already had some sculpted fringe on the top of her outfit which I had to trim using an exacto knife, a dremel and sandpaper.  After that, I used Kneadatite to alter her bare feet into boots.  A piece of toothpaste tube was used for her loincloth, and rubber bands were used for the boot cuffs.

I dremelled into the back of her hair to make a place for the Hawkgirl wings to fit, and I ran into trouble.  I had to drill so deeply that my dremel came into contact with the peg for her right arm, and by the time I'd discovered it the molten plastic inside had hardened and her arm became unmovable.  I performed a small surgery with the dremel to loosen the peg back up, and fortunately I was able to make the arm moveable again. 

Next I painted her with acrylic paints.  Chip helped out with the star on her forehead.  I ended up not painting her face because the skin color I mixed looked close enough for me.  After taking the pictures I discovered that the difference is more noticable in the pictures than in person.  Oh well.

Finally, once she was painted I carefully glued the wings in, making sure that the glue didn't run back inside the figure, freezing up the peg again.  Once the wings had set I filled around them with Kneadatite.  

Parts Used:
Base figure: Disney Pocahontas
Wings: Hawkgirl
Loincloth: Toothpaste tubing
Boot cuffs:  Rubber Bands
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