by Davy Stone
For my birthday last year Chip gave me a Princess What's-Her-Name, but she sat in the closet for a long time because I couldn't figure out who to make out of her.  Then one day while looking at pictures of the old Super Friends arch villains, the Legion of Doom, it hit me -- the Cheetah.  It seemed like it would be a pretty easy custom.

But I forgot about the ears and tail.  I decided to try to make a bendable tail, and when I realized that the aquarium tubing was the right size, I started looking for some flexible wire to make it poseable.  I settled on the twist-tie wire that holds so many Star Wars toys in place in the packaging -- you know, the ones that make you curse, "what, don't they expect people to open their toys anymore?" 

I took three wires and twisted them all together for added strength.  Then, I dremmeled a hole in the Cheetah's butt and glued the wires in place (gosh, that sounds bad).  After the glue set, I threaded the tubing on the wire and glued it into place on her butt, as well.  Finally, I put some plumbers putty on the tip to round it off.

I made her ears from plumber's putty, and they weren't very difficult at all.  I did, however, have to superglue them in place -- they fell right off the moment they cured.

I repositioned her left hand with boiling water.  It was originally posed to hold a gun, so I just twisted it around a bit until it looked more like she was clawing.  Well, that's what I want it to look like anyway.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Princess What's-her- Name
Ears: Plumber's putty
Tail: Wire, aquarium tubing, and plumber's putty
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