by Davy Stone

Animal Man was made by basically following Leslie Hancock's recipe, using a Nightwing body.  Chip cut his hair and dremelled the peg-hole in his back off, as well as filled it with Sculpey.  He then turned it over to me, and I makehis mask from Sculpey, also.  I handled and painted the goggles a bit differently from Leslie.  Towards the end of this custom, Chip had to take over and finish the paint job... I often get about 85% finished, set the figure aside, and then get busy on a different custom.

Since I'm becoming more interested in photographing my figures in more life-like dioramas, Animal Man was photographed as he communed in the jungle with his animal friends, Simba (from the Lion King), Yoda's pet snake, and a bird of prey from some GI Joe collection (I think).


Parts Used:
Base figure: B: TAS Nightwing
Goggles: Sculpey
Animal friends: Simba (Lion King), Yoda's snake and a G.I. Joe eagle
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