by Chip Kraus
This one is fun. Chip is a big Robin fan, and for a while he's wanted one of those toys that do flips when you push the sides (Robin is supposed to be an acrobat, right?).   On a recent flea market trip, he found something similar with Bart Simpson as Bartman.  After using a Dremel to cut away all the things that were associated with Bart (like the hair, huge upper lip, and pot belly), he sculpted hair with Crayola Model Magic and painted the whole thing with acrylics. 

We were both VERY please with the results, and when you push the top of the toy, the new Robin spins and spins and spins.... 

You can't tell from these digital pictures, but the (R) on Robin's chest looks wonderful. Chip painted it by hand (a very steady hand). 

Parts Used:
Base figure: Bartman flip toy
Hair: Model Magic
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