by Davy Stone
This figure was originally planned to be just a repaint.  But after seeing him next to the rest of the Titans as they neared completion, I decided to go all out on him an make him much more true to model.  There were too many details that made him more Tim Drake than Dick Grayson.

Using a dremel, I carved down the ridges on the shoulders and gloves, removed the belt buckle and front part of the belt, smoothed down the boots, thinned out the ankles and finally shaved him bald.

So after tearing him down, I built him back up.  I used plumber's putty to built the bootie cuffs and to straighten the belt out.  After letting that harden, I again used plumber's putty to sculpt the hair.  Finally, I glued a small plastic punch-out onto his belt as a buckle.

Then he was painted with acrylics, always being careful to leave the old Robin "R" intact so I wouldn't have to duplicate it.

I'm not as happy with his cape as I was with some of my previous ones.  I found I couldn't place a wire in it as I'm used to because Robin's cape lacks a boarder, and that's where I've been putting the wire up until now.  I tried to put a wire in between two layers of cape, but it was too visible for my tastes.  I've got some other ideas, but I'll not redo it for a bit.  I really don't like making capes.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Spectrum of Bat Robin
Booties, belt & hair: Plumber's putty
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