by Chip Kraus, Davy Stone, Kelly Tuttle & Cody Watkins
I don't really know where I first saw this custom.  I think it was either BeetleJLA or Chris Galdieri, but I'm not sure.

When I first saw how how well this custom had turned out for others, I knew I wanted to have a Kilowog of my own.  I'm a sucker for strange aliens.  Man, let me give some advice to anyone who's planning on making this figure:  get some people to help you fill cracks and then to sand.  A lot of people.  Have a party and pass him around.  We had two friends, Kelly and Cody, both helping (possibly more -- let me know if you helped and I forgot), and it still took forever to finish this custom.

He was worth the effort though, I'll admit.  I really like this figure.  Thanks, guys, for helping finish him.

Parts Used:
Body: animated style Thing
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