by Davy Stone & Chip Kraus
Recently Impulse battled a bottle of green protoplasm which got into the Young Justice computers and took on the powers of the team, while taking on the strange appearance of a half-Superboy/half-Robin character.  In fact, he looked identical to a silver-age villian, the Composite Superman (hence the new name -- "Cradyl" just didn't cut it).

I started this custom after a long glut of not being motivated to customize.  Some advice I received from the customizing listserv was to make a easy figure, a repaint.  Well, although this ended up being slightly more work than a repaint (several lines had to be filled, as well as a few rubber bands had to be glued), it did serve to get me off my butt and get started on something.

Too bad I couldn't finish it.  After doing most of the grunt work and the first coat of paint, I never did find the time to go back and finish him.  Thankfully, Chip picked him up one evening and did all the detailed painting that I'd missed.

Parts Used:
Base figure: Crime Fighter Robin
Cuffs and straps: Rubber Bands
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