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Welcome to CHIP'd 'n STONE CUSTOMS, the virtual home-away-from-home for Chip and Davy's custom action figures.

Captain Marvel animated customWhat is a custom action figure?
A custom action figure is one which has been modified by whatever means necessary in order to turn it into someone or something different.  It may involve cutting, sculpting, painting, swapping part, sewing, or any number of other skills.

What kinds of figures do you customize?
We've customized in various styles.  Although Star Wars and Star Trek were originally the lines which got us customizing, we moved on to the Total Justice 5" line of DC heroes, and then to the not quite 5" line based on the various DC animated cartoons.  Occasionally, you may see a Marvel figure produced here in either the older 5" Toy Biz style or in the DC animated style.  But currently, both of us are primarily focused on the DC animated stuff.  

What about 6" figures, like DC Direct or Marvel Legends?
Sorry, but we are not interested in customizing in these scales, although we do own quite a few DC Direct figures. 

Could you make me a custom action figure?
Thanks for the requests, but we don't accept commissions.  Several other people on the web do commission work, however, and you can track some of them down on the Delphi Custom Action Figure Forum.

Where can I find more info on customizing?
There are a few of our favorite customizing websites on the links page, although we're in no way trying to maintain a comprehensive list of sites.  For more information specific to customizing, try out the aforementioned Delphi Custom Action Figure Forum.  

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Davy is a longtime fan of DC Comics.  Right now, he's fond of the various mini-series counting down to Infinite Crisis, JSA, Teen Titans, Y: the Last Man, Fables and the set of Seven Soldiers mini-series.   He's also a science-fiction fan, although apart from Babylon 5 reruns on DVD, he hasn't found much on TV to satisfy this interest.  As for customizing styles, his favorite has slowly become the animated style.  He's been away from both Playmate's Star Trek and Kenner's Total Justice lines for a while, but he may one day get back to them.  Davy tries to speak French, and he teaches pre-college math, computers and other stuff for the federal government.

Chip has also forever been a comic fan.  He's currently reading Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans Go! and Shonen Jump (particularly the series Shamen King).  He's a huge fan of anime (Neon Genesis: Evangelion and Hunter x Hunter especially), and he also collects foreign films, although no customs will likely come from them. He prefers customizing in the style of the animated DC Universe, although he has done work on a few Total Justice figures to teach Davy a thing or two about painting techniques (which Chip picked up while painting RPG miniatures).  Like Davy, Chip also tries to speak French, and he currently makes maps for the district health department.

**Thanks for the requests, 
but neither Chip nor Davy take commissions for action figures **

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