H.S. Talks
Mathematics Enrichment Talks

Would you like a fun and interesting speaker to visit your high school class for a 30 to 60 minute presentation? Please feel free to contact me.


Let's Make Some Money: The Mathematics of the Lottery and Roulette. What are the probabilities of winning the lottery games? What is the State's average profit? How do Casino's profit with roulette?

Spending and Saving Money: Amortization and Annuities. Buying a car? What will be the monthly payment? How quickly can you pay it off with extra monthly payments? Saving for the future? How quickly will your money grow with and without being taxed?

Orbital Motion: The Speed of the Planets and the Space Shuttle. How fast are the planets rotating? How fast are they moving in their orbits around the sun? How does the Space Shuttle stay in orbit? All this and more.

Latitudes and Longitudes. Measuring distances across the Earth.

Dr. David K. Neal
Department of Mathematics
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY 42101

270 - 745 - 6213
email: david.neal@wku.edu

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