Instructions on Downloading Programs

To see the calculator programs, you will first need the Graph Link software for the appropriate calculator installed on your computer. This software, for both PC and Macintosh, is available free from Texas Instruments. To obtain the software, click here:

Most topics contain accompanying programs for the TI-83+, TI-86, and TI-89, although some material can be worked on the TI-83 without a program. The TI-89 programs can also be sent to a TI-92+. At the top of the topic page, there are links to the programs.

To download a file:

Click on the link to begin downloading the file. Your browser should display a blank page with a TI symbol. Then use Save As to save the file on your hard drive with the appropriate extension .83p, .86p, or .89p.

Next use the TI-Graph Link software to open the file and use Save As again to re-save it as a TI file.

Finally use the Graph-Link connection cable to send the program to your calculator.

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