Setting Up the TI-89

To use the TI-89 programs from here on, you must install infstat.89g, the advanced statistics assembly package. To do so, first download the package to your computer, then send the file to the TI-89 as you would a normal program file. To run the 89 programs on a TI-92+, you must install infstat.92g. After installing these packages, execute the command s\aboutsta() from the HOME screen.

Here is a program for creating a custom menu for the TI-89 programs: statmenu.89p.

First, put all of the TI-89 programs into a folder called stats. Then execute the statmenu.89p program. Then press 2nd HOME (i.e., CUSTOM). The tool bar items F1 - F6 then will contain links to the programs.

Whenever you need them, just press 2nd HOME to re-create the custom menu.

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