Probability Computer Projects with Mathematica

This page contains some interesting problems occurring in probability. The solutions are given followed by a simulation of the problem using Mathematica. Exercises follow which may require some slight modification of the original Mathematica codes.

The materials here are designed to supplement a calculus-based probability course at either the undergraduate or beginning graduate level.

No real experience with Mathematica is required. The program codes are given in downloadable Mathematica 3.0 files although only Mathematica 2.1 or higher is required.

To download the Mathematica file within a topic, first click on the link. Then use the Save As command to save the file on your hardrive. Make sure the file is named with a .nb extension. Launch Mathematica 3.0 and open the saved file with the Open command under the File menu.

These materials were developed by David K. Neal, Department of Mathematics, Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY 42101, USA:

Table of Contents

  • A Monte Carlo Approximation Of Pi

  • The Mystery Of The Three Cards

  • Arranging The Alphabet (revised 8-26-01)

  • The Birthday Problem

  • Chuck A Luck

  • Cut The Cards

  • The Law of Try Try Again

  • The Matching Problem

  • Monte Carlo Integration

  • Order Statistics

  • The Gambling Boundary Problem

  • Craps

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