728:  Mathematics General Option - 2011, 2012, 2013 Catalog Years

1.  Students who wish to declare a 728 mathematics major are initially designated as 728P -  Mathematics (Prep).  In order to be granted full admission into the 728 mathematics major, a student must satisfy the following requirements:
     •  Complete MATH 136, MATH 137, AND MATH 307 or MATH 310, with a grade of C or better in each course.
     •  Have an overall GPA of at least 2.4 in all mathematics program courses completed prior to admission (MATH 136
        and above).
     •  Submit a Change of Major form to change from 728P to a 728 major.

2.  A minimum of 39 hours of mathematics is required. A minimum of 120 unduplicated undergraduate semester hours is required. 

3.  A minor or second major is required.  The major/minor combination must have at least 59 hours with 53 unduplicated hours.  At least one-third of the course requirements in each major and minor must be earned at WKU.

4.  At least one-half of the semester hours required for each major and minor must be earned in undergraduate courses numbered 300 and above.  (See the Undergraduate Catalog for exceptions for minors in business administration and computer information systems, and majors in dental hygiene, social studies, art education, middle grades education).

5.  A minimum of 42 undergraduate semester hours must be completed in courses numbered 300 and above.

6.  All mathematics courses listed as prerequisites for other courses must have been completed with a grade of C or better.

7.  You must have a GPA of at least 2.0 (i) in all credits presented for graduation whether earned at WKU or elsewhere, (ii) in all credits completed at WKU, (iii) overall in the major subjects and in the minor subjects, and (iv) in the major subjects and in the minor subjects completed at WKU.

Note:  This major is not intended to prepare students adequately for graduate mathematics.  Students intending to seek a graduate degree should pursue the 528 Extended Mathematics Major.

Logic Requirement - 3 hours

PHIL 215 or EE 180 is required.  Students should complete one of these courses in the first year of study as a prerequisite for MATH 307.  PHIL 215 counts toward General Education Category B-II.

Computer Science Requirement - 8 hours

CS 180 and CS 181 are required - each is a 4 hour course.  Contact an Office Associate in the Department of Computer Science (745 - 3651) in order to lift the restriction for registering for CS 180.   Starting in Spring 2012, PHIL 215 is a prerequisite for CS 181.

Mathematics Requirements – 39 hours
Course Descriptions

1.  Required Courses (27 hrs) –  MATH 136 (4 hrs),  MATH 137 (4 hrs), MATH 237 (4 hrs),  MATH 307 (3 hrs), 
                                                           MATH 310 (3 hrs), MATH 317 (3 hrs), MATH 337 (3 hrs),  MATH 498 (3 hrs)
2.    Two courses from MATH 405, 406, 415, 417, 423, 431, 432, 435, 439, 450, 470, 473, 482.

3.    Six elective hours from MATH 275 (up to 3 hours), STAT 301, MATH 305, 315, 323, 331, 370, 382, 398 (up to 3 hours), 405, 406, 415, 417, 423, 432, 435, 439, 450, 470, 475 (up to 6 hours), 482.

4.    Students may take certain 500-level mathematics courses for undergraduate credit with the approval of the Dept. Head in place of courses listed in items 2 or 3.  See bottom of this page for more information on enrolling in graduate courses.

5.    In addition, 12 credit hours of supporting courses from the Ogden College of Science and Engineering or Gordon Ford College of Business (courses such as mathematics, statistics, sciences, engineering, economics, finance and accounting) are required.  These courses must be approved by the mathematics department head. These hours will not count toward a first minor nor usually toward a second major.
     Approved Ogden College Supporting Courses   

University General Education Requirements
(A minimum of 44 hours total)

Cat. A:   I.  ENG 100 and 300 (6 hrs)     II.  Foreign Lang.  (3 hrs)        III.  COMM 145 or 161  (3 hrs)
Cat. B:   I.  Literature (3 hrs)       II.  Electives (6 hrs)     (Three areas are required in Cat. B)
Cat. C:   HIST 119 or 120, and two other areas are required.   (9 hrs)
Cat. D:   I.  Science  (6 hrs;  two fields must be represented, at least one must have a lab DL)      II.  MATH  (3 hrs)
Cat. E:   3 hours           
Cat. F:   2 hours  (May be two 1-hour PE courses, or a 3-hr class)

Residency Requirement

The minimum residence requirement for the bachelor’s degree is 25% of the minimum number of semester hours required in the student’s degree program. At least 16 of the hours counted in meeting the residence requirement must be completed after the semester in which the student has earned a cumulative total of at least 90 semester hours. Exceptions to these regulations may be made for WKU students who have been given permission to transfer credits earned at accredited professional schools to apply as electives toward the degree.

Application for Graduation

All candidates for a baccalaureate degree are expected to apply for graduation immediately after attaining senior status (90 hours earned). Associate degree candidates are expected to apply for graduation after earning 48 hours. The Application for Graduation is available on TopNet under Student Records.

Repeating Courses

An undergraduate student is permitted to repeat a maximum of six courses.  Only two courses in which a grade of “C” or above has been earned may be repeated.
Credit for a course in which a grade of “F” has been received can be earned only by repeating the course in residence unless prior approval is given by the head of the department in which the course was taken. A course in which a grade of “D” has been received may be repeated at another accredited institution. 

A course that has been failed cannot be repeated by independent learning without special permission from the department head.  A student may not repeat by proficiency testing a course which has been previously taken or failed at WKU or another accredited institution. 

If a course is repeated, only the second grade will be counted in computing the grade point average; if the course is repeated a second time both the second and the third grades will be used in computing the grade point average. The grade received for each attempt will continue to appear on the student’s academic record. A student may attempt a single course no more than three times.

Enrollment in Graduate Courses

Undergraduate students at Western Kentucky University may enroll in graduate level courses.  Several conditions must be met to facilitate such enrollment: 

1. Students must file all appropriate paper work through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.
     a.  Undergraduate Application for Graduate Enrollment Form
     b. Letter of recommendation from director of graduate program (or department head) that speaks to the student’s 
         ability to perform at graduate level and justification of appropriateness of enrollment in such courses.

2. Undergraduate students must have declared a major or minor in the subject area or a closely related area for which the graduate course is offered.

3. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the major or minor area to which the graduate coursework is closely related.

4. Students may enroll in no more than 15 hours of coursework (graduate and undergraduate combined) in any semester in which enrollment in graduate-level courses occurs.

5. With the concurrence of the student’s undergraduate advisor, department head and dean, graduate coursework may be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements; however, graduate credit hours used to meet the requirements for a baccalaureate degree may not be used toward a graduate degree.

Dr. David K. Neal, Lead Academic Advisor
Department of Mathematics
COHH 4108
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY 42101