Mathematics Student Advising Resource

Mathematics and Statistics Degree Program Options

  Please use iCAP within TopNet to verify your remaining degree requirements for the program of your catalog year.

Option 1 (a) - 728 General Major in Mathematics
39 Hour General Major   

Option 1 (b) - 528 Extended Major in Mathematics
        51 Hour Extended Major               5-Year BA/MS Program

 Majors Certifiable for Teaching Mathematics

Option 2 - 728 Secondary Mathematics                        Option 3 - 730 Middle Grades Math
                          Secondary Mathematics with SMED                         2016 to 2019:  Middle Grades Math / SMED
                                                                                                             2014 to 2015:  Middle Grades Math / SMED

  Option 4 - 731 Mathematical Economics   
           General Option          Actuarial Science

     Minors                                                                    Certificates
                                    417:  Minor in Mathematics                      1716:  Certificate in Data Analysis Using SAS®
                       313:  Minor in Applied Statistics

All degree-seeking students are required to consult with their advisor to have the advising hold lifted prior to registration. The academic advisor assists the student in the selection of courses that will provide appropriate preparation for his/her career objectives and assure timely completion of degree program requirements.

Dr. David K. Neal
Department of Mathematics
COHH 4109
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, KY 42101