Directed Senior Research Projects (MATH 498)

Sums of Independent Geometric Random Variables - Lindsey Traughber, (In progress)

Four-Sided Boundary Problems for Two-Dimensional RandomWalks - Miky Wright, (In progress)

Sums of Independent Exponential Random Variables - Chelsea Gelley, Spring 2013

Craps: Rolling the Dice – Sarah Long, Fall 2011.

Average Area Under a Stopped Random Walk – Alyssa Surina, Spring 2011.

A Geometric Betting Challenge – Frank Polivka, Spring 2008.  Published jointly in The Mathematical Spectrum, Volume 43, Number 1, 2010, p. 20-25.

A Goodness of Fit Test on a Queue:  Is It a Poisson Distribution? – Catherine Wilson, Spring 2008.

A Truncated Geometric Distribution – Quinn Thomas, Fall 2007.

Using the Math: Satellite Orbits – James Overton, Fall 2007.

Mean and Standard Deviation in Random Bowling – Jennifer Hohn, Spring 2007.

Hypothesis Testing for Exponential Distributions – Jennifer Jones, Spring 2007.

A One-Sided Boundary Problem for Two-Dimensional Simple Random Walks – Aziz Bah, Summer 2005.

Average Extrema of Geometric Random Walks – Justin Grieves, Spring 2005.

A Distribution of Geometric Averages – Jennifer Helm, Fall 2004.

Increasing the Accuracy of Confidence Intervals for Exponential Means – Mark Mabry, Fall 2004.

Averages and Probabilities for Casino Betting Games – Leslie Adams, Fall 2004.

Binomial Bowling – Patrick Brown, Spring 2004.  Published jointly in Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences, Volume 18, Number 1, 2006, p. 17–25.

Approximating Pi with the Golden Ratio – Stacy Patrick, Fall 2003.  Published jointly in The Mathematics Teacher, Volume 99, Number 7, March 2006, p. 472–477.

Directed Masters Theses

Random Walks with Elastic and Reflective Lower Boundaries  – Lucas Devore, December 2009.

Generalized Probabilistic Bowling Distributions
– Jennifer Hohn, May 2009.

A Generalized Random Walk with a Betting Scenario
– Michael Russell, May 2007.   Main results were published jointly as A Generalized Martingale Betting Strategy, Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 21, No. 3, Oct. 2009, p. 183-197.

Uniform Convergence of Standardized Special Distributions – Marcia Lami, May 2002.

New Theories in Random Walks – Lina Jichi, December 1998.

Generalized One-Dimensional Random Walks With Negative Binomial Stopping Times – Mark Rogers, May 1997.   Main results were published jointly as Generalized Random Walks with Negative Binomial Stopping Times, New Zealand Journal of Mathematics, Volume 30, 2001, p. 69 – 79.

Other Undergraduate Research Directed (MATH 398/Honors Augments)

Distribution of a Circular Random Walk – Matt Dawson, Fall 2004.  Based upon an idea of Professor David Benko and used with his permission.

Game Theory – Ben Brewster, Fall 2004.

Actuarial Mathematics – Chris Brasfield, Spring 2004.

Doubling Random Walks – Wes Daughtry, Buddy Lagani, Fall 2001.

Linear Algebra with Mathematica – Amy Jones, Mark Thomas, Kevin Patrick, Spring 1995.
Stopped Random Walks – Lon Maynard, 1993–94.  Published jointly as Stopped Random Walks: Areas and Lengths, The Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, Vol. 9, Spring 1994, Number 10, p. 654–661.

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