** Very eye opening. Once you experience this, things never strike you the same again.
** He said so much in the little amount of class time we had - very organized lecturer. Great positive atittude, strong desire to teach us. Dr. Keeling really helped us to learn from what we observed around us. This trip has really given me a new direction in my studies.
** Enthusiastic about presenting the material, his knowledge came through in class. The trip overall was a life-changing experience and Dr. Keeling added a great deal to it. He was easy-going, but accessible at the same time. No other professor could have done a better job.
**Very clear, concise lectures - easy to follow. Explained the "big picture" while teaching specifics of what we saw and experienced. Thank you Dr. Keeling for a very insightful, educational, fun experience. This was an "eye opener" to real issues concerning sustainable development's role in the environment.
** Excellent, energetic, positive, generally made the trip a better experience.
** Extremely friendly and easy going. Dr. Keeling is a great component to the program.
** Keeling is great. He is so enthusiastic about Ecuador, even though he has been here like 12 times!
** Very organized, no doubt about it. Friendly, enthusiastic, fun to be with. Thanks for all your hard work and fearless leadership.
** Wonderful! Lectures were always interesting and pertained to what we might be seeing and doing in Ecuador at the time. I really had no idea what this class would be like, but I found it to be one of the most informative and enjoyable that I've had during my college experience. It tied in several disciplines like geography, economics, politics, etc., which I found to be sort of like a liberal arts course. I wish I went to Western so that I could take Dr. Keeling's Political geography course--he's a definite assest to the program in Ecuador.
** I would not change a thing--not even the adventure on the bus, though I would have liked to stay longer. David Keeling was extremely knowledgable on all of the course material covered and every place we visited. Most importantly, he was very easy going.
** Excellent connection between what we were seeing in the country and what we heard in lecture and read in our packets. Very interested in stimulating student thought and criticism. A very natural, good professor with an honest interest in provoking action and interested in students' intellectual growth. You can tell he loves his work, very willing to discuss issues at any time.
** His knowledge and experience in Ecuador were invaluable.
** Don't let Dr. Keeling go--he is excellent as the trip's director and a valuable instructor--very enjoyable.
** The toughest and demanding to make us the best. Don't lose him! He's outstanding.

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