** Excellent. Very enthusiastic and down-to-earth.
** Excellent. Keeling is an expert in urban geography. Very approachable.
** David is an excellent teacher, is fair, and knows more about everything than anyone I ever met.
** Dr. Keeling will be a major asset to this program next year. As a matter of fact, he will make the trip! He taught us a great deal in class and was very interesting and inspiring to chat to on a friendly level. He is a weathered and wise traveler!
** I would recommend this program highly to any curious, good-tempered mind.
** Sometimes the amount of material covered in this course was overwhelming. I think a little bit more free time would be advantageous and maybe the students wouldn't be such complete grumps. Overall, this was a very eye-opening experience and very worthwhile.
** By far the best part of this course was the professor. He had an excellent attitude towards the subjects studies, the students, etc. He kept the work fresh and fun while still demanding a decent amount of work.
** By far the best part of this course was the professor. I could not have asked for one more knowledgable about the subjects we studied. He had an excellent attitude towards teaching and staying positive and keeping the course fresh and fun.
** Professor Keeling was a wonderful teacher and gave us all inspiration to learn.
** The only suggestion I have is to allow a little more free time for students, otherwise a great teaching job.
** David is an excellent teacher that is great to be around and it makes everyone happy with his good attitude. This is an experience I will never forget in Ecuador with such good professors.


** I really enjoyed learning all the stuff you taught, but I do have one problem. I just felt that this class should have a prerequisite because I found a lot of the material difficult to grasp. But overall Prof. Keeling I found your class very interesting and useful in the real world and I learned a lot.
** Text was boring. Needs to be more down-to-earth. Dr. Keeling should write the text.
** I wish I had taken this during the regular semester. Too much information to absorb in a short period.
** Even if it's a short period to complete the assignment it gave me a lot of insight on how to evaluate places and can continue to study more about geography. The cities are very interesting.
** Extremely knowledgable. Stimulated interest to me in a course that I would normally not enjoy.
** You're a great inspiration to us "struggling students."
** I feel the work load is a little much for a class that lasts a month.
** The text book explains some of the concepts, but not clearly - I think Professor Keeling should write the textbook for this course. He explains things so well.


** No evaluations were conducted for this course.

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