** This class was very comprehensive. I learned useful information. I would have liked to see more discussion of the articles we read because some of the writing got old after a while. Overall, good class. [Professor's response: I will try to incorporate more discussion of the assigned articles for the Fall 03 class. Thanks for the suggestion!]

Grade Distribution: A = 6; B = 3.

Quantitative Responses:
"Overall, my instructor is effective" = 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My instructor displays enthusiasm" = 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My Instructor is well prepared" = 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.


NOTE: This is a team-taught course with three instructors. The comments below may refer to any of the three instructors.

** Good class, but there needs to be more grades. It's hard with 3 different instructors and only three main grades. [Professor's response: This course has two mid-term exams and a final exam. There are also four reading assignments, attendance, and participation points, as well as a 40-point bonus assigned to the highest exam grade in the class. What more do you want??]
** The tests are a little hard, but it is nice to have the worksheets {reading assignments] as another way of earning points.
** Krishna be with you.
** Australia Rocks!
** Whenever Keeling is around, beware, because there could be DANGER, DANGER, DANGER!!
** I want to go to Latin America>
I do not like that there are three different tests! I study, I come to class, and I don't comprehend. The teachers talk and we just don't know what to write down or study for the test. [Professor's response: I don't understand your issue. You receive a syllabus, a study guide for each lecture, handouts, and other material, including assigned readings. How many times did you come and talk to the professor about the things you didn't understand? Zero times, right!! You need to rethink your study strategies and perhaps ask yourself the reason why you're in university. You need to take more responsibility for your actions.]
** I enjoy Keeling's class very much. What I don't like is the change of professors. Keeling I like, but the other professors just don't add to the course. I feel like Petersen's section is basically a repeat of Salisbury's section, which was interesting, but I don't believe it should be repeated in the same semester by a different teacher. I believe I would enjoy the class more if Keeling taught for the entire semester!
** I feel that this class is VERY disorganized - no outline. [Professor's response: Were you in the same class that I taught? Each student received a detailed outline for each geography lecture, and handouts were provided for ALL history lectures. You also had a detailed syllabus that laid out the general themes. Perhaps you are disorganized in terms of note taking and attendance!] The instructors just ramble on a topic without giving certain information or w/out a point. I feel that the 3 instructors need to redo the class or not consider it a 200 level. I feel that this class is a waste of my time b/c I have yet to learn something. [Professor's response: Your comment is extremely sad because your failure to learn anything is indicative of your failure to take your educational opportunities seriously. At the very least, you could have learned the major themes and concepts that define Latin America - something I'm sure you were completely ignorant about before the class began.] The instructors need to take a speaking course or reevaluate their teaching skills.
** This class is too difficult for a 200 level. I think it needs more structure and all teachers need to be more clear about info on the exams. I found Keeling's section to be fair, but Salisbury's section was way too difficult. There should at least be more chances for extra credit. [Professor's response: You wouldn't need extra credit if you put in sufficient effort on the exams and read assignments! This is university, not high school]
** Keeling is real cool and a good teacher, he keeps it interesting. Salsbury is cool too, but the third teacher [Petersen] sucks; knows his stuff but is SUPER boring.
** I do not think the material for this class should be covered the way that it is. Figuring out what one teacher wants you to know for a test is one thing, but having three different teachers, each with a very different teaching style, is very confusing. Also the fact that the books for the course don't really go along with the second and third teachers' topics makes it very hard to keep up. It's nice to have a book to fall back on. It's hard to write down every important word out of the teacher's mouth, so a book that goes along with the lectures would be nice. Review sessions are a must if you're gonna continue teaching the course in this manner, or maybe a more specific study guide for the test. When you have 30 pages of notes, it's hard to focus without key points.
** Dr. Keeling has made this class very enjoyable. I came into the class not being that sure about it, but now I love the class and am telling people they should take it.
** He's greaat!
** I didn't know this was a course taught by a tag-team of professors, but it's been a good experience. Much of the stuff we've learned in class isn't the type of info that one uses everyday, but is one more step to better understanding the world around us. Thank you,gentlemen. [Professor's response: You're very welcome!]

Grade Distribution: A = 7; B = 12; C = 19; D = 13; F = 9.

Quantitative Responses:
"Overall, the instructors were effective" = 83.7% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My instructors display interest in teaching this course" = 97.7% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My Instructors were well prepared" = 97.7% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.

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