Geography/Latin American Studies 200

** Dr. Keeling was an excellent instructor.
** Dr. Keeling is a very good professor.
** I feel Keeling is an exceptional instructor.
** Keeling was a good instructor. He explained things well.
** I truly enjoyed this course, and I have felt Dr. Keeling's enthusiasm from teaching about Latin America so much that I plan on attending a trip to the region next summer.
** Keeling, excellent!
** Of all four [instructors], Dr Keeling was the most interesting. He was the most enthusiastic.
** Dr. Keeling is a great teacher.
** Dr. Keeling is a wonderful teacher, I wish he was teaching the whole course.
** If the whole course was taught by Keeling, and he knew the information at the different facets, the course might be more effective.
** Dr. Keeling is the only one who taught well and helped prepare us for the test.
** Dr. Keeling is a great teacher. He makes the class interesting.
** Dr. Keeling is a good instructor. He kept me intrigued with interesting facts.
** Keeling-excellent professor, enjoyed class meetings, learned a great deal of useful, new information.
** Dr. Keeling is good and interesting as an instructor.
** All the good marks on the other side were for Professor Keeling.
** I love it when Keeling taught. He really knows his stuff about Latin America and seems to really emphasize us learning it.
** Dr. Keeling should teach the government part.
** Dr. Keeling was an "alright" instructor.
** Dr. Keeling was a very capable lecturer who presented the material in an interesting and intelligent fashion.
** Keeling was an awesome teacher. He displayed much enthusiasm for teaching this class and was active for teaching this class and was active in keeping things interesting.
** Keeling-great. Interesting lectures, helpful in letting students know what will be on tests.
** Keeling is very enthusiastic. He taught okay.

** Note: Course grade distribution: A = 6; B = 13; C = 16; D = 4; F = 1 **

Geography of South America: GEOG462(G)

** Dr Keeling is a wonderful instructor who is always interested in helping his students in any way he can. He is very knowledgable concerning subject matter and is able to convey that information to his students in an understandable and enjoyable manner.
** I can't wait to take geo-politics! If it is half as interesting and entertaining as this class, it will be awesome!.
** Dr. Keeling is an excellent professor because of his enthusiasm and love for the subject. If he is up for a promotion, he deserves it.
** Keeling is a very intelligent man concerning geography and geo politics, etc. If geography was my major, I would definately look to Keeling as an education role model.
** Dr. Keeling knows what he is talking about. He knows about the material being taught. I always look forward to coming to his class.
** It is generally assumed that only those that don't have anything intelligent to say use four letter words frequently. You, however, are an extremely intelligent man and could make your points clearly without the frequent use of such words. [Professor's response: Point taken, although my occasional use of MILD four-letter words (never hard-core expletives!) is simply part of my damn personality!]
** I have enjoyed this class and Dr. Keeling a lot. I waited two years to take this course and it was worth it. Dr. Keeling is a very valuable professor to WKU.
** I have taken many courses with Dr. Keeling and have not been disappointed yet.
** It is obvious that Dr. Keeling enjoys teaching and that he cares about his students. He is so full of grace and I need it.

** Note: Course Grade Distribution: A = 4; B = 6; C = 3 ** 

Honors World Regional Geography: GEOG110(H)

** This class was great. The only thing I would suggest is to make the final paper's directions clearer. Also, I would not have a page limit on it either. I had to compress heavily my paper, which cramped my style. It is a tough course, but well worth it. I am glad to have had him as an instruction. [Professor's response: I have rewritten the paper instructions to make them clearer! Page limits are needed to give students a guide, but I generally accept papers that exceed the limit, but NOT papers that do not meet the minimum!]
** This class has been quite informative. The tests are, however, a bit tough.
** Dr. Keeling is a great teacher. His excitement for the course topic has made this class both educational and fun. The ideas that were discussed in class have broadened my views of the world greatly.
** I've really enjoyed this course. I never felt as though I was simply here to memorize a map. I was challenged to think and I'm glad I chose this as an honors course.
** This was a very interesting class. Dr Keeling did a good job and I now feel like I have a broader global perspective.
** Dr. Keeling, thanks for a great semester of geography. Upon registering for this course I figured it would be a "blow-off" course, but instead enjoyed it greatly. You can take most of the credit for this. DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!
** I have thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Keeling's class. He is not only a good professor but he is also willing to help anytime needed and shows concern for the students. He obviously knows and loves his field of study, making it easier for us to learn. I would highly recommend any class he teaches, especially GEO110. It was one of my favorite classes here at Western.
** I really enjoyed this class. It was a very relaxed atmosphere that encouraged me to participate in discussions and made me analyze certain topics more. Thsi class gave me a better appreciation for geography and the things that go on in this field! Good Class!
** This is a great honors class. Well formatted. It has allowed me to look at cultures, including our own, from a different perspective.
** Dr. Keeling is a great, enthusiastic instructor. He goes well beyond his duties to make sure information is understood. He's a great educator.
** Dr. Keeling REALLY knows what he's talking about! It's always nice to take a class from someone who really enjoys the subject and who is excited to share his knowledge with others. I've never been very fond of geography, but Dr. Keeling succeeded in making it an interesting course. I had fun!! Now I'm ready to travel the world, I guess.
** Excellent teacher. I very much enjoyed being a student in his class. His knowledge of the topic is unbelievable.
** Dr. Keeling has done a wonderful job of insuring that I live up to my potential in his class.

** Note: Course Grade Distribution: A = 12; B = 5; C = 4 ** 

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