** Loved the class. I know the politics are vitally important - but still don't understand as much as I should. But no fault of yours, I'm sure! But many terms used that I'm not familiar with, i.e. "Wilson's 14 points." Thank you for sharing yourself in this class.
** This course has vastly improved my knowledge and recognition of issues both in Europe and in the world. I would recommend this course or this professor to anyone, and I wish I could take another course myself.
** I love your classes, which is why I recommend you to everyone and why I will take you again. Your knowledge of your subject is amazing and I hope to gain a little more of it next semester.
** The map you used for geographic locations was a bit muddled. Some country boundaries had dangling lines that often looked like rivers and rivers looked like countries. Perhaps a black-line version for the future would help.
** Dr. Keeling, it doesn't matter what course I take with you I know before going in it will be interesting and challenging. I will say the Dawson text was useful but really boring.
** I would try to find a more interesting book than the Dawson text. However, I loved this course. I learned a whole lot and my views of Europe have been greatly enriched. Also you're one awesome professor. Thanks!
** I always enjoy classes that Dr. Keeling teaches. I have come out of these courses with a greater understanding of the world around us and our interaction with the world. Dr. Keeling keeps his class interesting and challenging.

GEOG110 - World Regional Geography Honors

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** The textbook was boring and unenthusiastic!
** Dr. Keeling, I truly enjoyed your class (as usual) and I would like to thank you for truly improving my writing skills (except grammar!). This class was very helpful in providing a tool for my goals as a future geographer.
** Thank you for teaching this class. Thank you for always being so cheerful, esp. when everyone else is bummed out. How would you like to have to write an evaluation for your students? Would you recommend this student to other professors? [Professor's response: I would always recommend the students that work hard to achieve their goals!]
** My grade on the first project was not what I wanted it to be. I think that maybe because I was in a group working together. I feel that I was graded by the others' performance. "We" don't get a grade, "I" do get a grade. [Professor's response: Every student was graded on his/her OWN work, not that of the group.]
** To be totally honest, this has been my favorite class since I enrolled at Western. I've learned skills and proper techniques that I didn't know existed. Dr. Keeling knew the material very well and was ALWAYS willing to help me out w/specific problems or questions. He made a potentially dull class exciting and VERY enjoyable. I would HIGHLY recommend him as a professor and as an overall great guy!
** A very good class. I learned a lot more than I normally do in a college course.
**It's been real!! Have a good summer!


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