** If nothing else, I learned a lot; it was a little more challenging than I expected, as I came with no background in economics.
** To make this class even more interesting, the Dept. should send all the students to Amsterdam so they can see how globalization works in a truly free economy. [Professor's response: So, would you be taking a "bottom up" or a "top down" approach there?] Plus maybe there should be a night set aside for "Beers around the world" so students can examine how globalization affects local beers.
** What a fabulous class. I appreciate the holistic approach to a complex topic, and the even, non-biased introduction to a potentially inflammatory subject. Great discussions!
** I think this was a great course, and I liked the discussion atmosphere. I wish the course could have been twice a week instead of once a week for 3 hours.
Grade Distribution: A = 4; B = 1; C = 3.


NOTE: This is a team-taught course with three instructors (PS 200, HIST 200, SPAN 200). The comments below may refer to any of the three instructors.

** I enjoy Dr. Keeling and [he] makes me excited to learn more about L.A. His personality and passion for his culture is contagious! I'm jealous that he's gone to all these cool places!
** Dr. Keeling's enthusiasm really helps the atmosphere and environment in this class.
**Personally I do not like the class. Reason 1) - I hear the same thing three times [Professor's response: But you got a geographical, historical, and political perspective - isn't that the idea of the course?]. Reason 2) - Dr. xxxx is not a good teacher, highly professional, unorganized, etc. Dr. Keeling is certainly capable of teaching each section, AND SHOULD!
** David Keeling - I enjoyed his lectures and feel that he does an excellent job teaching this class. Dr. xxxx - His lectures were out of chronological order and his test covered only the first third of our notes. His section was supposed to be over Latin America but covered only US/Latin American relations.
** Dr. xxxx - he is not well prepared when coming to class and doesn't relate the material to [the] student; which makes it more harder to understand. I did not like being in his sessions because it got confused.
** Keeling's enthusiasm is wonderful; it adds a lot to the class.
** Dr. Keeling is a great professor who is enthusiastic, knowledgable about Latin America. Dr. xxxx, while knowledgable, was not a very effective teacher. Overall, good course.
** Dr. Keeling is great but the hist. professor should make the class more interesting.
** Mr. xxxx is definitely the worst instructor I've had. Keeling is fine, but xxxx does not care about any opinions of the students. It seems like he is teaching because he has to.
** Lectures are very hard to sit through for one hour and fifteen minutes. Though it is hard to incorporate a lot of different things in class, it keeps the student's attention much better. Ex. Videos, more slides, etc.
** I do enjoy that different sections of this class are taught by professors of that department. Although I believe the professors should be able to choose their own format for the test.
** Dr. Keeling is an exciting instructor, who displays strong interest in teaching this course. Dr. xxxx would be more effective if he decreased the number of topics he covered so there would be more time available for discussion.
** It is obvious Dr. Keeling really enjoys the topic more than any teacher I've ever had.
** Dr. Keeling has been a great instructor, in fact Dr. xxxx was also helpful. It was a great idea for extra credit as the tests so far have been somewhat difficult.
** I like it when Keeling says things like "religiosity" and Dr. xxxx says "but shit."
** This class has proved to be a very insightful class. I learned a lot about Latin America and have enjoyed the class. Dr. Keeling is a wonderful teacher.
** I enjoyed Dr. Keeling and he was very knowledgable. He helped me to broaden my views and think of other countries.
** The hardest thing about this class is switching back and forth between teachers. As soon as you get used to one teacher, you get another one. Also, the tests are hard to study for. There are a million pages of notes and you don't know exactly what to study.
** Latin America can't be a very important class to many people. Keeling did a good job. Dr. xxxx needs to be fired ASAP. It's been a while since I've heard such arrogance and profanity from just a professor.
** Dr. xxxx is boring. Just read off papers all day; very hard to pay attention to him.
** Dr. Keeling should teach all the sections himself! The history section feels a little rushed and random.
** The tests are entirely too difficult.
** Keeling is a good man.
** Wonderful teacher!
** Good stuff.
Grade Distribution: A = 6; B = 17; C = 21; D = 8; F = 4.

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