** The course succeeded in being entertaining and educational at the same time. The amount of full seats on a daily basis should show that the class was successful. The challenge to think, and the opportunity to laugh at the same time, was what I enjoyed the most. The text, while at some points was interesting, was the least successful, in my opinion. I just did not make the connection b/t things like 'non-representational theory,' and ' inoperative community' and the lectures. However, the course did meet (and surpass) my expectations and I'm very glad I took it.
** BLAARG!...that's how successful this course has been. The best aspect was the idea of thinking outside the box. It's been very successful there. With that in mind, though, I wasn't fond of the readings. The jargon was such a box that I first had to break open (to get into) and, once there, wanted desperately to be out. The course more than met my expectations. Thank you.
** The most successful aspect of this course was the broadening of horizons. The least successful was open debate and discourse. I honestly had no idea what to expect in this course; therefore, I would have to say that it met my expectations by default.
** The most successful part of the course was exposing people to new ideas and ways of thinking. It taught people there isn't always a yes or no answer. The least [successful] was the book. Personally, I got very little out of it. I think that it was often vague. The course was not what I expected, but I was not disappointed.
** It made me understand how important it is to think on my own. It is one thing to have critical thinking skills, but it is another to use them. I found every aspect of the class useful; it was a great experience.
** I enjoyed this class, but it was not what I expected. I believe the greatest success was getting everyone to think a little differently and to look at some current events in the world. This course helped me to be able to link socal change with the events which led up to that change. I also learned more about some key world issues like globalization. However, I would have liked more historical case studies. I would have liked to take a more in-depth look at some key revolutions in history. [Professor's Response: Good point! I'll try and incorporate more in-depth case studies the next time round!]
** I enjoyed this class a lot because it opened my eyes to many issues that don't make the nightly news. For a person with my middle-class background, this arena to gather new viewpoints was greatly appreciated. The thing I found most disappointing about the course was that the name implied more case studies of specific revolutions and resistances, and we only got 5 or 6. Although I was deceived by the class name, I was greatly surprised and the course far exceeded my expectations.
** The most successful aspect of the course was incouraging people to think logically and outside the established "box." The least successful was the amount of time we had to spend with President Ransdell. This course exceeded any preconceived expectations that I had! I loved it!
** Lecture and group discussion -- I learned a lot and it opened my eyes. Discussion of papers -- waste of time. Yes, I loved it.
** Successfull - the gues speakers. Unsuccessful -- the book didn't show any conservative views whatsoever. It was very one-sided and quite offensive at times. This course was not what I thought it would be at al. I thought it would be a review of various historical revolutions and discussion about them.
** Not quite what I expected. I was looking for more of a historical overview of famous revolutions throughout history. What disappointed me is the closemindedness and only receiving one point of view [Professor's Response: I think you missed the entire point of the class! The closemindedness might stem from your inability to think critically about these issues. If you were so troubled by the apparent "bias," why did you not engage more vociferously with the material? If you did not challenge the material, but simply turned off your mind to other possibilities, then it is you who is guilty of closemindedmess]. The films we watched prove this point; they all shared the same view as these videos and were no less than propaganda. In the future, it would be wise to state what this class is in the coursebook. I somewhat feel I was misled by the political views pushed on the class [Professor's Response: No political views were "pushed" on anyone in this class. Far from it! The course looked at revolution and resistence from a variety of viewpoints, and the entire thrust of the class was to challenge existing perceptions and views of change in society. If you were so distressed, how come you didn't withdraw from the course? From the very beginning of the course I explicitly stated that NO ONE political, economic, or social point of view was being favored. Everyone was provided with clear opportunities to challenge, critique, argue, and debate the material presented.].
** Finding out that resistance is OK (natural) like Plate Tectonic Theory. Being able to understand the importance of some forms of resistance in our reading -- like Rose's article on art in society. I understand that they left the art form open; different than other urban social settings, but come on in; it reminded me of kids (teens) just being outlandish to be recognized. Maybe I need to do some more critical thinking on that one. Yes, this course met my expectations "to infinity and beyond." I really enjoyed putting the resistance part of my brain first. Instead of resisting it, like in most classes, I just wish I had resisted more.
** The most successful aspect of this course was that it made me aware of things I was not aware of. It made me think outside the box, like I have become awake, I have been pulled away from the collective. It will make me think of varying aspects of situations that I may encounter rather than looking straight ahead. This course met my expectations and I was very pleased with it.
** I think the most successful aspect of this course was the thought process that I developed over the semester. I feared changing ideas and ideologies, but now I embrace it. It was an awesome class that I will never forget. I learned a lot about revolution and globalization and capitalism. I think there are no downfalls to this course; it is the epitomy of what college is all about. This class is what I thought college would be about. It was more than just knowing things, it was about learning concepts and new ideas, being open to more than just what society says to be open to. The course far exceeded what I expected. Dr. Keeling, you were a great professor, and still are, but this course was my favorite so far.
** The most successful part of this course was the introducing of new and revolutionary ideas to people (on the left side of the room) who had previously not been exposed to them. Hopefully, some of their minds have been changed. The least successful was the Ransdell talk. We were unable to come up with good questions for him because that [x!x!xx] took up the whole time talking in circles. Did this course meet expectations? In reality, I didn't really know what to expect, but I thought the course was awesome. I hope you can offer it again to challenge others to think. Resistance is fertile!
** I can't pinpoint a most or least successful aspect. It was, overall, mind-opening and thought provoking. There were a few times I got lost, but I'm sure everyone else understood. I had no expectations of this course, so it didn't meet or disappoint them. I guess this critique isn't helpful at all, huh?
* I think the most successful aspect of this course was forcing us to collide with alternative viewpoints. Many ideas expressed by yourself and fellow students made others cringe! Fortunately, I think once they finished cringing they began thinking. Even if their own beliefs do not alter, which is fine, maybe they will at least understand why they think that way and consider the implications of believing in this way. The least successful aspect was Ransdell...I think that he was under the impression that he was talking over our heads and didn't really have to answer the questions you proposed. Basically, all I heard was a lot of bullshit supported by pseudo-academic jargon. This course definately met my expectations by allowing me to flex my creative/critical muscles and reconsider my role in society and whether or not I want to accept it or resist it. Thanks for the memories....!
** I really enjoyed the case studies we discussed in the middle part of the course. They put important revolutions in a different perspective. I also enjoyed the speakers at the end of the semester. I do not believe that anybody's mind was really changed by the class. That is the least successful aspect. I had no expectations coming into the class. I had no idea wha it would be like, so it met my best expectations because I enjoyed the class.
** This course more than met my expectations. It was inspiring and you are a dynamite teacher. I think the least successful aspect of the course was the fact that it simply overwhelmed some people who simply weren't prepared for the information. They were intimidated and closed their minds early on, deciding that the teacher and a segment of the class were simply communists. Personally, one of my favorite aspects if the course was the text, as I am a philosophy major and therefore a theory junkie.:) I also liked the fact that the classroom setting provided a context in which fellow schoolmates' worldviews could be challenged by radical notions.
** It made me think more. I've always been quite rebellious, so I can't say it taught me that, but it showed how things are interconnected more than maybe I thought. But then again, I've had a bad attitude towards our government since the Gulf War. I reckon you could say not being in America saved me from the brainwashing but it sure as hell pissed me off that everyone was so hapy that I might die so they could have cheap oil. I'd say it met my expectations and you should offer it again; I know a lot of people that showed interest when I discussed this class with them.
** The class discussion was the best part of the course, very stimulating and I enjoyed it as well as learning a large number of things. The least successful was the inclusion of the reading material. It didn't seem to be incorporated well into the course [Professor's Response: You're right. It was supposed to be background reading and a conceptual framework rather than the focal point of the course]. This course far exceeded my expectations. Thanks for teaching it.
** That we could be open. I think this course has taught me to think outside the box more than I did before and excel at it. I did not like the tests and papers and deadlines. I felt this was counterproductive to thinking outside the box. I loved this course. It really helped in my academic and persona growth. More courses should be like this, especially at a university.
** Getting a person to think. Readings are too boring. It exceeded them [expectations]. Good job.
** The course was enlightening. I think of resistance in a different way now, thanks to experiences I have had this semester, books I've read, and this course. It definately met my expectations. It was instrumental in my decision to change my major to geog. I didn't like the book, though. Some chapters were good, most were too....academic. I don't know, all that theory takes away the appeal of revolution [Professor's Response: Even revolutionaries relied on theory!]. Can't even smash a McDonald's window without having someone research it!
** The most successful aspect of this course was the in-class discussion. I felt that the conversations and debates centering on gender and globalization were insightful. The least successful aspect of the course was the time allotted for paper discussion. Many fascinating topics were covered, and I would have liked to have had more discussion time. Overall, this course exceeded my expectations. It should definately be taught again.
** This course was fascinating. I hope it becomes part of the regular geography curriculum.

Grade Distribution: A = 11; B = 6; C = 8; D = 0; F = 1.
Quantitative Responses (Scale of 5 = Strongly Agree):
Professor has clear understanding of subject: 4.78 median.
Professor is well-prepared for class: 4.69 median.
Professor is actively helpful: 4.40 median.
Professor displays interest in class: 4.91 median.
Overall, Professor is effective: 4.78 median.


** Dr. Keeling is a wonderful instructor and it was very educational having this class.
** I enjoyed Dr. Keeling and wish I could stick around and take more classes from him.

Grade Distribution: A = 9; B = 4; C = 6; D = 2; F = 1.
Quantitative Responses (Scale of 5 = Strongly Agree):
Professor has clear understanding of subject: 4.71 median.
Professor is well-prepared for class: 4.71 median.
Professor is actively helpful: 4.45 median.
Professor displays interest in class: 4.55 median.
Overall, Professor is effective: 4.55 median.


** Detail geography is a must when learning. This class is well developed. The professor explains in true comparison about South America in the world.
** Dr. Keeling is a good professor [who] effectively teaches the subject.

Grade Distribution: A = 2; B = 2; C = 1; D = 2; F = 3.
Quantitative Responses (Scale of 5 = Strongly Agree):
Professor has clear understanding of subject: 4.67 median.
Professor is well-prepared for class: 4.67 median.
Professor is actively helpful: 4.67 median.
Professor displays interest in class: 4.67 median.
Overall, Professor is effective: 4.67 median.

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