** Dr. Keeling is a good professor. He relates theories to today's system very well!
** Dr. Keeling has been more than helpful in this class. I know that I will greatly benefit from all aspects learned in this class when I get a professional GIS/Planning job.
** Good class. I learned many theories and applications that I can use outside the class.
Dr. Keeling is a great teacher. Sometimes his projects are a little too ambitious--given the amount of time we have in a semester.
** One of the best classes I have ever taken within the walls of EST. The test is a little too ambitious though.
** This class hurts my hand. Notes and test require a lot of writing.[Professor's Response: You can't say you didn't get your money's worth!]
** Dr. Keeling is an enthusiastic and knowledgable professor. I would recommend this course to anyone.
** Dr. Keeling is sometimes just too damn smart. His world studies bring new ideas to a sometimes-stale thought process. The test, though, can get quite stressful. The content is good but the length can definitely be shortened.
** Maybe shorten the exams somewhat. I haven't finished one yet.[Professor's Response: It's a great exercise in time management strategies!]
** This class was fabulous. I loved it! It was well worth the time, effort, and long essay exams.
** I have learned a lot in this class. Even though things get overwhelming at times, everyone still thinks you're awesome. (Just don't let it go to your head like some professors have, please.)[Professor's Response: I promise to stay humble and helpful!]
** I wish he would be a little more precise when it comes to maps and dividing into quadrants.
** Overall, the course was good, just not what I expected.
** Dr. Keeling does an excellent job of teaching Urban Geography. He has perhaps the most knowledge about the course as I have ever seen a professor have. Don't take this class unless you are ready to learn!
** Dr. Keeling would definitely be on my "phone a friend" list for Who Wants to be a Millionaire." He seems to be one of the most educated [professors] I have ever met. In recent days, he has been very understanding of personal problems.
** Keeling is "Da Man." Of all the instructors I've had throughout my stay at Western, Keeling tops them all. He is full of vast knowledge and knows how to copy that to us (students). He is also very helpful and a great RP critique. Happy Studying! (smiley face is drawn in.)
** Dr. Keeling presents the class topics enthusiastically and has a great deal of knowledge and personal experience on which to draw. Although one of the most demanding classes I've taken at WKU, this has been the most enlightening. I have learned a great deal about many aspects of Geography, planning, and the world.
** I really enjoyed taking class because I learned a lot of interesting theories and structures about city design/development, and cultural diversities.

Grade Distribution: A = 8; B = 7; C = 4.
Quantitative Responses (on a scale of 5 = strongly agree):
Professor has clear understanding of subject: 4.83/5 or 96.7% rating.
Professor is well-prepared for class: 4.83/5 or 96.7% rating.
Professor is actively helpful: 4.72/5 or 94.4% rating.
Professor displays interest in class: 4.78/5 or 95.5% rating.
Overall, Professor is effective: 4.67/5 or 93.3% rating.


** I feel the course is well structured. The projects reinforce the classroom teaching. I enjoyed the course and feel I can apply what I have learned.
** I truly enjoyed taking this course with Dr. Keeling. If I am given the opportunity. I will take another class with him. He is a very good instructor and I am glad that I was given the chance to take this course with him.
** This class wasn't nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. This is due to the way the material was presented by Dr. Keeling. Surprisingly, I believe I will use all of this information for future research projects...
** I like Dr. Keeling and understand he means well; however, his tests are too hard and he does not think about the time factor [Professor's Response: Au Contraire, mon ami! The exams are carefully crafted both timewise and contentwise to test your ability to manage and solve problems!]. With only a short time period (1 hour) to take the exam you have to spend too much time working out the problems.
** Dr. Keeling does a great job of taking complicated (to me) math and making it easy to understand. Thanks!
** Dr. Keeling made a class that has a very bad reputation of being one of the most difficult, to being a not-so-bad class. I don;t think I could have made it through this class with any other teacher. Thanks.
** Well explained, interesting, and upbeat lectures. However, I'm glad it is only an hour-long class, too much statistics can cause an overload.
** Please make map locations on exercises more precise, like in the right direction [Professor's Response: But it was YOUR job to work that out!!! That's the point of an exercise....].
** Dr. Keeling is one of the best teachers on campus, in my opinion. Also the tests were fair and well constructed. Keep up the excellent work.
** Dr, Keeling really makes the material understandable. I was overwhelmed at first, looking at what we had to do over the course of the semester. However, he made these difficult problems easy for me.
** Keeling is a great teacher who makes Data Analysis easy for people who do not [like] math.

Grade Distribution: A = 6; B = 5; C = 3; D = 2; F = 1.
Quantitative Responses (Scale of 5 = Strongly Agree):
Professor has clear understanding of subject: 4.67/5 or 93.3% rating.
Professor is well-prepared for class: 4.67/5 or 93.3% rating.
Professor is actively helpful: 4.6/5 or 92% rating.
Professor displays interest in class: 4.6/5 or 92% rating.
Overall, Professor is effective: 4.53/5 or 90.7% rating.

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