** This is a loud, music-based learning experience-type class.
** This was a great course. I did not know what to expect because I'm not a senior or geography major. I had a wonderful experience and enjoyed it very much.
** Dr. Keeling is a great lecturer and he knows his stuff. His exams, however, will kick your ass!
** I would recommend this course be taught at another time, even though this is an interesting class, almost 3 hours of class is too long for anything.
** It was a cool class.
** The textbook is basically the only negative aspect of the class.

Grade Distribution: A = 6; B = 4; C = 2; D = 1; F = 0.

Quantitative Responses:
"Overall, my instructor is effective" = 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My instructor displays enthusiasm" = 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My Instructor is well prepared" = 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.


** Professor Keeling is an extremely effective teacher. You can tell he loves the subject of geography and he loves teaching. Every class I look forward to him waking me up with his "Good Morning Geographers." Because Keeling is so into the subject, it makes me enthusiastic about learning. I would definately recommend taking his course because it has opened my eyes to varying world cultures and views.
** The instructions for the research paper should be modified. It is difficult to include all the required information, while still maintaining the exact margins and including all the necessary citations. [Professor's response: I don't understand your complaint. These are basic mechanical requirements that you either follow or not. What's the problem. The paper requires a 1" margin. What's so difficult about that??] It would be better if there were more opportunities for extra credit.
** The class was a change from the norm in that I could not just memorize everything. It required that I think and apply the concepts. What a concept. This class also makes my other geog class a lot easier. At this point I can't think of any changes, it was a lot of work but I learned a great deal.
** Dr. Keeling's enthusiasm makes this class very enjoyable. However, I feel that overall this class requires too much to be a 100-level. Rather than having a paper, exams that measure text, readings, maps, and lectures, and daily attendance, it should be scaled back a bit. There were several instances in which I needed to miss class but I knew I couldn't because of attendance points, even though I could have picked up what we went over by reading on my own. [Professor's response: Yes, this class is difficult, but it brings out the best in students! I do not lecture from the text and I cover issues and concepts in lecture that you will not know unless you attend. So it's not as easy as just reading the assigned material if you miss class.]
** It is good that you try and lighten the mood by jokes while teaching us a lot of information.
** Keeling is the most energetic teacher I have had at Western. He is always well prepared for class and his knowledge base amazes me. He should be on Jeopardy. The class was a 100 level and I found it very difficult and time consuming. The class should be labeled more as an upper-level course.
** I was playing Jeopardy the other night and, because of this course, I knew a lot of them! Dr. Keeling has been a wonderful teacher, he has made me want to learn more about geography. I would love to take another course that he teaches.
** Dr. Keeling is a motivated, enthusiastic teacher, one that I wouldn't mind having again. However, I feel that he may be too advanced for the level we are in. Although I struggle I know there are plenty more behind me that are in the same predicament.
** Dr. Keeling is the most enthusiastic professor I have had at WKU. He truly loves geography and it shows. This class would be somewhat boring without his dynamic personality.
** Dr. Keeling is a brilliant man. He knows all about geography, but I feel he expects too much from us. There is too much material to memorize for the tests.
** I'll admit this class isn't easy, but the teacher is at no fault. He does a very good job and knows what he is talking about.
** I feel that this class seems to be taught harder than a 100-level general education class should.
** Dr. Keeling, thank you for the opportunity to be in your classroom. You have shown me the value of a truly wonderful college experience.
** Instructor is refreshingly dynamic.
** The slides are really interesting.
** I believe Dr. Keeling is very biased and snobby. [Professor's response: Were you in the same class as these other students? I don't have a snobbish bone in my body!!] If you do not do as well as others he makes jokes and sarcastic comments. I think he should be strictly evaluated and scrutinized. To put it bluntly he has zero people skills and comes off very rude. [Professor's response: I'm sorry you feel that way. How many times did you come to my office hours? Probably none! I may have been rude when students walked in late to class, disturbing everyone, or read a newspaper while I tried to lecture, or disturbed other students by filling out their diary or writing a letter to a friend during class. Now that's rude!! I get the feeling that you didn't perform well in this class and thus are looking to blame anyone but yourself. If you had a problem with me or my "people skills," how come you didn't come and talk to me about the problem and express your discomfort? Good luck in your college career.]

Grade Distribution: A = 8; B = 17; C = 19; D = 8; F = 4;.

Quantitative Responses:
"Overall, my instructor is effective" = 80% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My instructor displays enthusiasm" = 96% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My Instructor is well prepared" = 96% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.


**I appreciate Dr. Keeling's helpfulness when he is asked for help. He is eager to help you even if it is not a convenient time for him to do so. I intend to take as many classes from him as possible.
** I have enjoyed this class immensely. This class gave me tools needed to do statistical analysis effectively.
** Although Dr. Keeling seems to fly through the material, his understanding and ability to teach data is exceptional. I would definately recommend his class to any geography major.
** Dr. Keeling shows an enthusiasm that is great. If he could package it and sell it to others, he'd be rich. Western needs more instructors like him.
** Good job. Your humor and enthusiasm is a real motivator for all of the class.
** Dr. Keeling is very helpful outside of class.
** One of my favorite professors; I have him for three classes this semester alone.

Grade Distribution: A = 5; B = 3; C = 3; D = 1; F = 2 (withdrew).

Quantitative Responses:
"Overall, my instructor is effective" = 92.3% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My instructor displays enthusiasm" = 92.3% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.
"My Instructor is well prepared" = 100% Strongly Agreed or Agreed.

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