Geog 435: Geography of Rock and Roll.

** Very unique and informative class.
** Dr. Keeling has been the most influential geography professor I have taken. I truly enjoy his classes.
** Dr. Keeling is a great professor!
** This course is a winner!
** I think that this is an interesting course. I thought that there would be no way to relate geography and Rock n' Roll but Dr. Keeling did an excellent job.
** Great class! I hope they offer it again. Music is an excellent way of studying culture.
** Fun and interesting course. This course was very enlightening and aided with understanding global and cultural problems. Offer it again!
** It has been a pleasure to have been in this class. Although the exams were much more complex that I expected, the knowledge and learning experience I gained from this class were well worth the extra effort. Dr. Keeling is an excellent role model for other professors. His humor, intelligence, and relationship with his students puts him in a class of his own.

** Note: Course Grade Distribution: A = 9; B = 7; C = 9; D = 1 ** 

480/580: Urban Geography

** Dr. Keeling is a very well prepared teacher, but I believe he needs more daily assignments than he has. This would help to alleviate problems with people who aren't good test takers to help them do well in his class. He puts too much on his tests, so if you don't do good on one test you can't pull yourself up with others. He is an overall good teacher and knows the subject well.
** Dr. Keeling shows certain biases toward students when grading exams and figuring class participation points. [Professor's response: Essay exams are always somewhat subjective, and are graded on my interpretation of how well the student knew the material and how well his/her knowledge was expressed. My office door is ALWAYS open to any student who wishes to discuss an examination grade. I am biased in allocating class participation points to those students who participate, attend regularly, and demonstrate critical thinking in their engagement with the material.]
** Instructor is very enthusiastic about material taught in this course. Instructor is very easy to get in touch with outside the classroom, which is important.

** Note: Course Grade Distribution: A = 4; B = 7; C = 5; D = 4; F = 1 ** 

491: Data Analysis and Interpretation

** Maybe I was less intelligent than everyone else, but I need the subjects from earlier in the course tied in with the present subjects more often. This helps my overall understanding.
** I think Dr. Keeling is a great teacher. I do think the class goes too fast to absorb all of the subject matter. I would like to see more discussions and more real-life examples. Both would help in the internalization of the material. He does seem to act negatively to some people in class, which I don't think is professional. [Professor's response: I have restructured the exercises in this class to address this student's first point about more real-world examples. I hope this helps! I do act negatively to students who are rude in class, who demonstrate little desire to learn, who show a lack of respect to their fellow students and to the professor (talking during lecture, reading the newspaper, doing homework for other classes during lectures), and who exhibit little desire to think critically about issues. Other than that, my attitude is my personality!]
** This course has been very difficult. He goes over the material too fast and it is hard to keep up. He is a good instructor but most of us have never seen this stuff before and he acts like we have. [Professor's response: I presume that students have read the assigned material before class and that students have made a good faith effort to absorb the material. Unfortunately few students do this, so the lectures always appear difficult and fast paced. Solution: READ the material BEFORE the lectures and you'll do much better!]
** Dr. Keeling is a very enthusiastic professor. He seems to enjoy what he is teaching, but sometimes he can be hard to understand. However, he is good about working with students on an individual basis. I think he devotes a lot of time to his classes inside and outside of the classroom.
** The only comment I have to make is about this evaluation in and of itself--it is very redundant. Please try to have less questions that ask the same things! Overall, Dr. Keeling is a good professor and tries to help when he can.
** I truly enjoy Dr. Keeling's enthusiasm and style of teaching. He is challenging but very effective as a teacher.
** Dr. Keeling is by far one of the best professors I have had at WKU. He shows genuine interest in helping his students and is always willing to take as much time as is needed to help. He is always friendly and enthusiastic about helping, no matter how many times I go to his office to bother him.
** I would like to see less derogatory remarks when the instructor hands back tests. The last thing a student needs is confirmation from the instructor that they messed up. [Professor's response: You probably confused professorial humor with derogatory remarks! It's like reverse psychology, but I guess it didn't work with you! Sorry!] The exams are very well constructed although they are hard. I feel the exams test my knowledge much more than a multiple choice test. The teacher is also very easy to contact outside the classroom.

** Note: Course Grade Distribution: A = 11; B = 7; C = 5; D = 5; F = 1 **

200: Introduction to Latin American Studies.

** Keeling was stimulating. He obviously enjoys material and students.
** I really enjoyed Dr. Keeling - showed enthusiasm when teaching and kept the interest of the class. Thanks!
** Keeling is wonderful. He's fun and easy to learn from. He enjoys his work and it's obvious.
** Keeling should teach the entire class. He's the man!
** Keeling was an excellent professor. He enjoyed teaching the material. It made me interested in the subject.
** Dr. Keeling's enthusiasm for the material really made the presentations great. If all profs showed the same exurberance I think students would respond in like manner.
** Dr. Keeling is a great choice to lead the group. I was so pleased that I am taking a history course on Latin American republics. Excellent job!
** Dr. Keeling was really good and funny. He lightened up everything.
** Professor Keeling was excellent.
** Keeling, I liked your humor.

** Note: Course Grade Distribution: A = 12; B = 13; C = 14; D = 6; F = 1 **

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