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G-GF: Human & Physical Geography; Environmental Science; Human Ecology
Q-QR: General Science; Mathematics; Computer Science; Natural (Physical & Biological) Sciences
S-SH: Agricultural Sciences, including Horticulture, Forestry, and Animal Science
T-TS: Technology and Engineering

• G-GF: Human & Physical Geography; Environmental Science; Human Ecology

G: Geography (General); Gazetteers; Travel/Tourism/Exploration; Atlases
GA: Cartography
GB: Physical Geography
GC: Oceanography
GE: Environment
GF: Human Ecology; Anthropogeography

G63 .C56 1985, Longman dictionary of geography: human and physical. 1985.
G63 .C562 1998, Penguin dictionary of geography. 1998.
G63 .D47, Worldwide what & where: geographic glossary & traveller's guide. c1975.
G63 .E5213 1995, World geographical encyclopedia. 5 vols. c1995.
G63 .E554 2010, Encyclopedia of geography. 6 vols. c2010.
G63 .E556 2005, Encyclopedia of world geography. 3 vols. c2005.
G63 .H68 1997, Houghton Mifflin dictionary of geography: places and peoples of the world. c1997.
G63 .K874 2002, Encyclopedia of the world's nations. 3 vols. c2002.
G63 .M39 2009, Oxford dictionary of geography. 4th ed. c2009.
G63 .S53 1995x, Modern dictionary of geography. 1995.
G63 .W47 1986, Dictionary of quotations in geography. 1986.
G64 .O7, Orbis geographicus. World directory of geography.
G67 .L37 1993, Biographical dictionary of geography. 1993.
G70.212 .A86 2006, A to Z GIS; an illustrated dictionary of geographic information systems. c2006.
G70.212 .E53 2008, Encyclopedia of geographic information science. c2008.
G70.212 .M33x 1995, International GIS dictionary. 1995.
G70.4 .R435 1999, Remote sensing data book. 1999.
G72 .G46x 1994, Geography for life: National geography standards 1994. 1994.
G76.5.G7 B88x 2000, Continuum guide to geography education. 2000.
G80 .A78 1973x, Atlas of discovery. c1973.
G80 .A85x 2001, Atlas of exploration. c2001.
G80 .D36, Discovery and exploration: a reference handbook. 1980.
G80 .M38 2005, All possible worlds: a history of geographical ideas. 4th ed. c2005.
G80 .O95 2007, Oxford companion to world exploration. c2007.
G80 .S63, Source book in geography. 1978.
G80 .W33 2004, Encyclopedia of exploration. c2004.
G95 .K66 2000, Historical atlas of exploration, 1492-1600. c2000.
G103 .K72 1968, Glossary of geographical and topographical terms, and of words of frequent occurrence in the composition of such terms and of place-names. 1968.
G103 .T5, Times index-gazetteer of the world. 1965.
G103 .W47, Westermann Lexikon der Geographie. 4 vols. 1969-70.
G103.5 .C43x 1988, Chambers world gazetteer: an a-z of geographical information. c1988.
G103.5 .C438 2007, Chambers world factfinder. c2007.
G103.5 .C645 2008, Columbia gazetteer of the world. 2d ed. c2008.
G103.5 .K87 1989, Geo-data: the world geographical encyclopedia. c1989.
G103.5 .O94 1995, Oxford dictionary of the world. 1995.
G103.5 .R657 1993, Place-name changes 1900-1991. 1993.
G103.5 .W42 1977, Webster's new geographical dictionary. c1977.
G103.5 .W42 1997, Merriam-Webster's geographical dictionary. c1997. [Commons Desk]
G105 .N36 1986, Names & nicknames of places and things. 1986.
G105 .R66 1997, Placenames of the world: origins and meanings of the names for over 5000 natural features, countries, capitals, territories, cities. c1997.
G106 .R67 2007, A worldwide dictionary of the pronunciation of placenames. c2007.
G105 .S5, Handbook of geographical nicknames. 1980.
G106 .T24 1969, Names and their histories; a handbook of historical geography and topographical nomenclature. 1969.
G107.9 .B74 1979, Glossary of geographical terms. 1979.
G108 .E5 N35, Glossary of technical terms in cartography, prepared on behalf of the Cartography Subcommittee of the British National Committee for Geography. 1966.
G108 .R9 S3, Russian-English dictionary of geographical terms. 1962-65.
G128 .P46 1992, Peoples and cultures. 1992.
G131 .D38 1992, Don't know much about geography; everything you need to know about the world but never learned. c1992.
G140.5 .W677 2009x, World heritage sites; a complete guide. c2008-2009.
G141 .P43 1997, Encyclopedia of geographical features in world history: Europe and the Americas. c1997.
G151 .F75 1998, Travel legend and lore: an encyclopedia. c1998.
G155 .A1 G48 1991, Travel geography handbook. c1991.
G155 .A1 M397 2003x, Dictionary of travel, tourism and hospitality. 3d ed. c2003.
G200 .B35x 1993, Explorers and discoverers of the World. c1993.
G200 .D53, Discoverers: an encyclopedia of explorers and exploration. c1980.
G200 .L3, Dictionary of discoveries. 1959.
G200 .T55 1989, Women into the unknown: a sourcebook on women explorers and travelers. 1989.
G200 .W24 1992, Who was who in world exploration. 1992.
G200 .W67 1992, World explorers and discoverers. c1992.
G465 .L565 2003, Literature of travel and exploration: an encyclopedia. 3 vols. c2003.
G465 .N47 2001, Encyclopedia of women's travel and exploration. c2001.
G500 .S3313 2010, Atlas of remote islands. c2009.
G508 .C6, Dictionary of mountaineering: definitions, names, and terms and their explanations used by English-speaking mountaineers. 1957.
G525 .H827 1999, Great escapes and rescues: an encyclopedia. c1999.
G535 .R64 1996, Pirates! An A-Z encyclopedia. c1995.
G550 .B4x 2005, Ocean cruising & cruise ships 2005. c2005.
G587 .M34x 2001, The complete encyclopedia: Antarctica and the Arctic. c2001.
G587 .M55 2003, Exploring polar frontiers: a historical encyclopedia. c2003.
G606 .E49 2005, Encyclopedia of the arctic. 3 vols. c2005.
G606 .H66 1994, Arctic exploration and development, c. 500 B.C. to 1915: an encyclopedia. 1994.
G608 .A73x 1999, Arctic. c1999.
G855 .E53 2002, Encyclopedia of Antarctica and the Southern Oceans. c2002.
G855 .S74 1990, Antarctica: an encyclopedia. 1990.

Note: All materials in Reference with call numbers in the range of G1000 through G9000 (practically all of these are atlases) are now kept in the Maps & Atlases Alcove, except for the following items, kept in at the Commons Desk:

G1330 .A77 1998, Atlas of Kentucky. c1998. [Commons Desk]
G1330 .D4 2005, Kentucky atlas & gazetteer. c2005. [folio, Commons Desk]

GA102.2 .C37 1987, Cartographical innovations: an international handbook of mapping terms to 1900. 1987.
GA102.25 .S43x 1987, Sheppard's International directory of print and map sellers. 1987.
GA105.3 .F44, Map user's sourcebook. c1982.
GA105.3 .M37x 1990, The map catalog. 2d ed. c1990, 1986.
GA105.3 .W67 2002, World mapping today. 2d ed. c2002.
GA110 .C34 1989, World in perspective: a directory of world map projections. c1989.
GA125 .L37 1984, Topographic mapping of the Americas, Australia, and New Zealand. 1984.
GA139 .P73 1994, Practical handbook of digital mapping: terms and concepts. c1994.
GA151 .D5x, Dictionary of mapping, charting and geodetic terms. 1976.
GA192 .W67 1986, World directory of map collections. 1986.
GA193. C3 D5, Directory of Canadian map collections. Repertoire des collections de cartes canadiennes.
GA193 .U5 C62 2005, Guide to U.S. map resources. 3d ed. c2006.
GA193 .U5 M36 1985, Map collections in the United States and Canada: a directory. c1985.
GA198 .T66, Tooley's Dictionary of mapmakers. c1979.
GA198 .T66 Suppl., Tooley's Dictionary of mapmakers.Supplement. c1985.
GA401 .B87x 1996, Mapping of North America: a list of printed maps, 1511-1670. c1996.
GA405 .C8 1998, Southeast in early maps. c1998.
GA405 .M64 1985, Map index to topographic quadrangles of the United States, 1882-1940. c1985.
GA405 .R57 1985, American maps and mapmakers: commercial cartography in the nineteenth century. 1985.
GA405 .W35x 1988, Maps contained in the publications of the American bibliography, 1639-1819: an index and checklist. c1988.
GA473.7 .N5x, Maps of Canada: a guide to official Canadian maps, charts, atlases and gazetteers. 1981.

GB10 .D53 2000, Dictionary of physical geography. 2000.
GB10 .F3, Encyclopedia of geomorphology. 1968.
GB10 .H82 1988, Dictionary of concepts in physical geography. 1988.
GB10 .M64, Dictionary of the natural environment. c1978.
GB10 .W48 1984x, Penguin dictionary of physical geography. 1984.
GB400.3 .E53 2004, Encyclopedia of geomorphology. c2004.
GB471 .H9, Standard encyclopedia of the world's oceans and islands. 1962.
GB500.5 .H37 2005, The mountain encyclopedia. c2005.
GB501.2 .B33 2010, Environmental issues, global perspectives: mountains. c2010.
GB501.2 .J85 1984, Mountain names. c1984.
GB601 .A6 G85x 1998, A guide to speleological literature of the English language 1794-1996. c1998.
GB601 .A8813 1989, Atlas of the great caves of the world. 1989.
GB601 .E534 2005, Encyclopedia of caves. c2005.
GB601 .E535 2004, Encyclopedia of caves and karst science. c2004.
GB601 .F54 2002, A lexicon of cave and karst terminology with special reference to environmental karst hydrology. 2d ed. 2002.
GB601 .M5 1986b, Underground atlas: a gazetteer of the world's cave regions. c1986.
GB604 .G87, Gurnee guide to American caves: a comprehensive guide to the caves in the United States open to the public. c1980.
GB604 .S6, Visiting American caves. 1966.
GB611 .D48 1993, Deserts: the encroaching wilderness: a world conservation atlas. 1993.
GB611 .E65 1999, Encyclopedia of deserts. c1999.
GB612 .R43 1982, Reference handbook on the deserts of North America. 1982.
GB655 .D37 2003, Water science and issues. 4 vols. c2003.
GB655 .S5, Russian-English-German-French hydrological dictionary. 1967.
GB655 .W6x, International glossary of hydrology. 1974.
GB661 .P632x, Elsevier's dictionary of hydrogeology. In three languages: English, French, German. 1969.
GB671 .C527x 2004, The water atlas. c2004.
GB855 .A46 1985, Dictionary of water chemistry: English/German/French. c1985.
GB1001.4 .P64x 2009, Encyclopedic dictionary of hydrogeology. c2009.
GB1003 .E47 1990, Elsevier's dictionary of environmental hydrogeology: in English, French, and German. 1990.
GB1201.4 .P46 2001, Rivers of the world; a social, geographical, and environmental sourcebook. c2001.
GB1203 .G73 1966, Standard encyclopedia of the world's rivers and lakes. 1966, 1965.
GB1203.2 .U54 1978, Register of international rivers. 1978.
GB1205 .R57 1992, Rivers handbook: hydrological and ecological principles: in two volumes. 1992-1994.
GB1264 .A5 G68 2003, The Smithsonian atlas of the Amazon. c2003.
GB5014 .D38 2008, Natural disasters. new ed. c2008.
GB5014 .E75 2001, Quakes, eruptions, and other geologic cataclysms: revealing the earth's hazards. c2001.
GB5014 .N374 2013, Natural disasters. c2013.

GC9 .C48 2003, A to Z of marine scientists. c2003.
GC9 .E57 2001, Encyclopedia of ocean sciences. 6 vols. c2001.
GC9 .F28 2008, Facts on File dictionary of marine science. new ed. c2008.
GC9 .F3, Encyclopedia of oceanography. 1966.
GC9 .N53 2009, Encyclopedia of marine science. c2009.
GC11.2 .D39 2008, Oceans. rev.ed. c2008.
GC11.2 .K46 1989, Practical handbook of marine science. c1989.
GC21 .B34 2010, Environmental issues, global perspectives: oceans. c2010.
GC21 .O23 2006, Ocean; the world's last wilderness revealed. 2008.
GC24 .M37 2001, Marine science on file. c2001. [Maps & Atlases Alcove]
GC83 .G39 1981, Gazetteer of undersea features: names approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names. 1981.
GC296.8 .E4 D35 2002, Oryx resource guide to el nino and la nina. c2002.
GC771 .M4, Pacific ocean handbook. 1944.
GC1018 .E528 2009, Opposing viewpoints: endangered oceans. c2009.

GE1 .K38 1993, Environmental profiles: a global guide to projects and people. 1993.
GE10 .C68 1995, Conservation and environmentalism: an encyclopedia. 1995.
GE10 .D53 1993, Dictionary of ecology and environmental science. 1993.
GE10 .E53 1994, Encyclopedia of the environment. c1994.
GE10 .E57, Environmental encyclopedia. c1994.
GE10 .E583 2009. Environmental science in context. c2009.
GE10 .E63 2004, Encyclopedia of world environmental history. 3 vols. c2004.
GE10 .F73 1992, Green encyclopedia. c1992.
GE10 .M66 2000, Encyclopedia of environmental science. 2000.
GE10 .P36 1996, Concise dictionary of environmental engineering. c1996.
GE10 .P375 2013, Oxford dictionary of environment & conservation. c2013.
GE10 .P67 2008, Dictionary of environmental science and technology. 4th ed. c2008.
GE10 .W45 1997, Historical dictionary of North American environmentalism. 1997.
GE20 .E586 2010/2011, The environmental resource handbook. 5th ed. c2009.
GE30 .I56 1996, Information sources in environmental protection. 1996.
GE35 .E58 1999, Environmental literature: an encyclopedia of works, authors, and themes. c1999.
GE40 .F54x 2001, Fifty key thinkers on the environment. c2001.
GE42 .E533 2009, Encyclopedia of environmental ethics and philosophy. c2009.
GE42 .G735 2011, Green ethics and philosophy, an A-to-Z guide. c2011.
GE55 .B43 2000, American environmental leaders from colonial times to the present. c2000.
GE55 .E57 2001, Environmental activists. c2001.
GE55 .W67 1997, World who is who and does what in environment & conservation. 1997.
GE60 .D44 2008, Great jobs for environmental studies majors. 2d ed. c2008.
GE60 .F365 2002, Careers for environmental types & others who respect the earth. c2002.
GE60 .F37 2007, Careers in the environment. 3d ed. c2007.
GE60 .R48 2003, Resumes for environmental careers. 2d ed. c2003.
GE60 .S33 2012, Paint your career greeen; get a green job without starting over. c2012.
GE75 .E58 2002, Environmental issues on file. c2002. [folio]
GE80 .H69 1993, Gale environmental almanac. c1993.
GE105 .E5 2009, Opposing viewpoints: the environment. c2009.
GE105 .E5825 2006, Environmental issues; Essential primary sources (Social issues primary sources collection). c2006.
GE115 .B43 1993, Beacham's guide to environmental issues & sources. 5 vols. c1993.
GE140 .B47 2010, Encyclopedia of sustainability. Volume 2, The business of sustainability. c2010.
GE140 .D383 1998, Environmental disasters: a chronicle of individual, industrial, and governmental carelessness. c1998.
GE140 .P74 2001, The wellbeing of nations; a country-by-country index of quality of life and the environment. c2001.
GE149 .E47 2002, Encyclopedia of global change. c2002.
GE150 .E53 2011. Encyclopedia of American environmental history. 4 vols. c2011.
GE150 .G72 1995, Great events from history II. Ecology and the environment series. Volume 5 1985-1994. c1995.
GE170 .I55 2002, International encyclopedia of environmental politics. c2002.
GE180 .H37 1995, Where we live: a citizen's guide to conducting a community environmental inventory. c1995.
GE180 .O94 2013, The Oxford handbook of U.S. environmental policy. c2013.
GE195 .B34 1995, Earth keepers: a sourcebook for environmental issues and action. c1995.
GE195 .D358 2009, Historical dictionary of environmentalism. c2009.
GE195 .G736 2011, Green issues and debates, an A-to-Z guide. c2011.
GE196 .G74 2011, Green culture, an A-to-Z guide. c2011.
GE197 .G76 1994, ABC-CLIO companion to the environmental movement. c1994.
GE197 .L66 2004, Library in a book: ecoterrorism. c2004.

GF4 .C66 1977, Glossary of the environment; with French and German equivalents. 1977.
GF4 .D52 2009, Dictionary of human geography. 5th ed. c2009.
GF4 .E53 2003, Encyclopedia of human ecology. c2003.
GF4 .E54 2006, Encyclopedia of human geography. c2006.
GF4 .P58 2004, Encyclopedia of human geography. c2004.
GF4 .L37 1983, Dictionary of concepts in human geography. 1983.
GF90 .O87 2006, Our Earth's changing land; an encyclopedia of land-use and land-cover change. c2006.
GF501 .M47 2002, Columbia guide to American environmental history. c2002.
GF503 .A84 2003, The atlas of U.S. and Canadian environmental history. c2003.

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• Q-QR: General Science; Mathematics; Computer Science; Natural (Physical & Biological) Sciences

Q: Science (General)
QA1 - QA74: Mathematics
QA75 - QA76: Computer Science (also see TK7885 - TK7895)
QA77 - QA939: Mathematics (continued)
QB: Astronomy
QC1 - QC849: Physics; Geophysics
QC851 - QC999: Meteorology; Climatology
QD: Chemistry (also see TP, Chemical Technology)
QE: Earth Sciences
QH: General Biology; Ecology; Natural History
QK: Botany
QL: Zoology
QM: Human Anatomy
QP: Physiology
QR: Microbiology

Q1 .M13, McGraw-Hill yearbook of science and technology. 1962-
Q9 .B78, Britannica yearbook of science and the future. 1969-74.
Q9 .B78ax, Yearbook of science and the future. 1975-
Q9 .S33, Science year; the World Book science annual. 1965-93.
Q9 .S33x, Science year: the World Book annual science supplement. 1994-
Q11.S8 S86, Smithsonian opportunities for research and study in history, art, science. [current ed.]
Q22 .H5, Scientific institutions of Latin America. c1970.
Q72 .S9, Directory of selected scientific institutions in mainland China. 1970.
Q115 .H167 2010, Scientific exploration and expeditions. c2010.
Q121 .G37 2008, Gale encyclopedia of science. 4th ed. 6 vols. c2008.
Q121 .K74 2008, Encyclopedia of scientific principles, laws, and theories. c2008.
Q121 .M29 2005, McGraw-Hill concise encyclopedia of science & technology. 5th ed. c2005.
Q121 .M3 2007, McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of science & technology. 10th ed. 20 vols. c2007.
Q121 .S34 2000, Science and& technology encyclopedia. 2000.
Q121 .V3 1989, Van Nostrand's scientific encyclopedia. c1989.
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Q125 .I46 1983, Information sources in the history of science and medicine. 1983.
Q125 .J39 1996, Scientific revolution: an annotated bibliography. 1996.
Q125 .O24 1995, Timeline book of science. c1995.
Q125 .O86 2003, Oxford companion to the history of modern science. c2003.
Q125 .R335 2000, Reader's guide to the history of science. c2000.
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Q125 .S5178 2003, Groundbreaking scientific experiments, inventions & discoveries of the 18th century. c2003.
Q125 .T52, History of magic and experimental science. 8 vols. 1923, 1964.
Q125 .W79173 2003, Groundbreaking scientific experiments, inventions & discoveries of the 19th century. c2003.
Q127 .A5 E53x 1996, Encyclopedia of the history of Arabic science. 3 vols. 1996.
Q127 .G7 I72 2002, Greek science of the Hellenistic Era; a sourcebook. c2002.
Q127 .S64 G86x 1994, South Asia bibliography and documentation. 9 vols. c1994.
Q127 .U6 R45 2008, Research and discovery; landmarks and pioneers in American science. 3 vols. c2008.
Q130 .R68 1982, Women scientists in America: struggles and strategies to 1940. c1982.
Q141 .A47, American men of science; a biographical directory. 1906-70.
Q141 .A47, American men and women of science. The physical and biological sciences. 1971-
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• S-SH: Agricultural Sciences, incl. Horticulture, Forestry, and Animal Science

S: Agriculture (General)
SB: Plant Culture
SD: Forestry
SF: Animal Culture
SH: Aquaculture; Fisheries; Angling
SK: Hunting Sports

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• T-TS: Technology and Engineering

T: Technology (General)
TA: Engineering (General); Civil Engineering
TC: Hydraulic Engineering; Ocean Engineering
TD: Environmental Technology; Sanitary Engineering
TF-TG: Railroad Engineering and Operation; Bridges and Tunnels
TH: Building Construction
TJ: Mechanical Engineering and Machinery
TK: Electrical Engineering; Electronics; Nuclear Engineering
TL: Motor Vehicles; Aeronautics; Astronautics
TN: Mining Engineering; Metallurgy
TP: Chemical Technology (incl. Biotechnology)
TR624 - TR835: Applied Photography
TS: Manufactures

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