Geographical and Taxonomic Unit Codes for HERPFAUN

Following is the key for the codes added to the end of each citation entry in HERPFAUN. Using your browser's Edit > Find function, insert a "- - x" code to search through individual geographical units, a "- - - y" code to search for individual taxonomic units, or "- - x - - - y" to search for combinations (e.g., "01x005y" would search for "Amphibia" in "North America"). Note however that to find all possible references to members of a particular family in a particular region several searches will be necessary, as works may be organized at varying geographical scales and taxonomic levels (e.g. 'Bufonidae' / 'Anura' or 'Worldwide' / 'Africa').

Geographical Units        
 Taxonomic Units
00x  WORLDWIDE / OVERLAPPING NONMARINE UNITS 001y Amphibia & Reptilia    043y Brachycephalidae    083y* Carettochelyidae    119y Anniellidae
  01x  NORTH AMERICA (approximately "Nearctic") 002y "Venemous herptiles"    044y* Rhinodermatidae    084y Chelydridae    120y Helodermatidae
  02x  WEST INDIES & MIDDLE AMERICA  005y Amphibia    045y Dendrobatidae    085y Emydidae    121y Varanidae
  03x  SOUTH AMERICA   010y Caudata    046y Pseudidae     086y Testudinidae    122y Lanthanotidae
  04x  EUROPE    011y Hynobiidae    047y Hylidae     087y Cheloniidae   130y Serpentes
  05x  AFRICA    012y Cryptobranchidae    048y Centrolenidae     088y Dermochelyidae   131y "Venemous snakes"
  06x  SOUTHWEST ASIA    013y Sirenidae    049y Microhylidae   090y Rhynchocephalia    135y Loxocemidae
  07x  CENTRAL & EASTERN NORTH EURASIA    014y Salamandridae    050y Ranidae       (Sphenodontidae)    136y* Xenopeltidae
  08x  SOUTH CENTRAL & EAST ASIA    015y* Proteidae    051y Hyperoliidae   091y Crocodylia    137y* Aniliidae
  09x  SOUTHEAST ASIA    016y Amphiumidae    052y Rhacophoridae       (Crocodylidae)     138y Uropeltidae
  10x  "AUSTRALIAN REALM"    017y Ambystomatidae   060y Gymnophiona   100y Squamata    139y Boidae
  11x  OCEANIC ISLANDS    018y Plethodontidae    061y Rhinatrematidae   105y Sauria    140y* Bolyeridae
12x  MARINE ENVIRONMENTS   030y Anura    062y* Ichthyophiidae     106y Gekkonidae    141y Tropidophiidae
     031y Leiopelmatidae    063y Typhlonectidae    107y Pygopodidae    142y Anomalepidae
     032y Discoglossidae    064y Caeciliidae    108y Iguanidae    143y Typhlopidae
     033y Rhinophrynidae    065y Scolecomorphidae    109y Agamidae    144y Leptotyphlopidae
     034y Pipidae  070y Reptilia    110y Chamaeleonidae    145y Acrochordidae
     035y Pelobatidae   075y Testudines    111y Xantusiidae    146y Colubridae
     036y Pelodytidae   076y "Marine turtles"    112y Teiidae    147y Elapidae
     037y Myobatrachidae    077y Pelomedusidae    113y Lacertidae    148y Hydrophiidae
     038y Pelodryadidae    078y Chelidae    114y Cordylidae    149y Viperidae
     039y* Sooglossidae    079y Dermatemydidae    115y Scincidae   160y Amphisbaenia
                     * = not actually used    040y Heleophrynidae    080y Platysternidae    116y Dibamidae    161y Amphisbaenidae
     041y Leptodactylidae    081y Kinosternidae    117y Xenosauridae    162y Trogonophiidae
     042y Bufonidae    082y Trionychidae    118y Anguidae  
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