The Soricidae is a large (some 375 species and 26 or more genera) family of insectivorous mammals,
classified in the Order Soricomorpha. Although stably recognized at the family level, subfamilial organization
is still not agreed upon. Wilson and Reeder recognize three subfamilies: Crocidurinae (nine genera, over 200
species, Old World), Myosoricinae (three genera, 18 species, central equatorial Africa, East Africa, and
Southern Africa), and Soricinae (fourteen genera, ca. 125 species, Holarctic, Central America and northwestern
South America, South, Southeast and East Asia). Shrews do not occur naturally in Madagascar, most of South
America, or eastward beyond Wallace's Line; however, they have been introduced in many places, including
Madagascar and many oceanic islands.

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