CERCOPITHECIDAE (Baboons and Old World Monkeys)

The Cercopithecidae is a large (21 genera, 132 species) family of Old World primates divided into the
subfamilies Cercopithecinae (eleven genera and 73 species) and Colobinae (nine genera and 59 species),
with similar overall distribution patterns (though only representatives of the former may be found in North
Africa, Arabia, and Japan). Cercopithecid species frequently have been introduced: in the Old World,
to the Cape Verde Islands, Gibraltar, the Mascarene Islands, Izu Oshima & Shikine (south of Japan),
Aru, Palau, and New Britain; in the New World, to Florida, Bermuda, Puerto Rico, the Camaguey
and Canarreos archipelagoes (near Cuba), St. Kitts, Nevis, Barbados, Grenada, and Ilha de Pinheiro
(near Rio de Janeiro)--and doubtless other locations as well.

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